Latest Destiny Patch Does Not Nerf Black Spindle, Fixes Loot Drops

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Destiny has been called a shared-world shooter by its developer Bungie. The game is always online and it is constantly changing, as millions of players pour through its content. Bungie still doesn’t say it, but Destiny is basically an MMO, and with that comes frequent patches and hot fixes to squash bugs or exploits found by the community.

Last week, when players discovered the secret side quest that unlocked the hidden exotic sniper rifle Black Spindle, Bungie said that the exotic should not be dropping with a 310 attack stat. Not only did it introduce a very powerful sniper rifle into the game beyond what Bungie intended, but players quickly started using it for Infusion. Infusion is a new feature introduced in The Taken King that lets players “sacrifice” more powerful weapons into their favorites, thus increasing the attack value of those weaker weapons.

So, when the news came last night that a patch would be hitting Destiny today, players speculated that it would bring a nerf to the Black Spindle, bringing down its attack stat to the intended 290 value. But after Destiny updated and Bungie published the Patch Notes for Hot Fix, Black Spindle was not mentioned. When it drops, it can still be at 310 Attack. That’s good news for many players because the only way to get Black Spindle is through the ‘Lost to Light’ mission when it is the Daily Heroic version, like today, September 30th.

Even though Black Spindle lives on at an unintentional power level, there are other bugs squashed in today’s patch. One is a fix to the issue discovered immediately following last week’s patch, which accidentally introduced a bug that kept Valus Ta’aurc from dropping any loot when he was defeated in the Cerberus Vae III strike.

Destiny Patch Breaks Loot Drop

The patch also addressed an exploit where Titan Sunbreakers could rapidly spam the Hammer of Sol super attack by mashing the shoulder buttons, throwing many more death-dealing hammers than intended. The last issue covered by this hot fix remedies a problem that some players were having when they opened chests in the world and found them empty and without loot.

While it is surprising that Bungie didn’t fix the admitted issue with Black Spindle, those that were rectified are good for players. Titan Sunbreakers, already considered by many to be overpowered in the PvP Crucible mode, were even more so once players discovered the “hammer spam” exploit. Plus, for a loot-driven game, making sure players get that loot whether through chests or bosses is always a welcome fix.

Bungie hasn’t announced when the next hot fix will come, or when Black Spindle will receive its stat decrease, so players would be wise to get it while they can today in the Daily Heroic mission. Game Rant has a guide on how to complete the mission and secure the powerful exotic.

Are you surprised that Bungie didn’t patch Black Spindle? Are you happy with the changes in the latest Destiny update?

Source: Bungie