Destiny: Bungie Adds Random Teleports to Atheon Fight

Destiny Patch Adds Random Teleport

It might be a week later than expected, but Bungie has finally released a new hot fix that will significantly change the way players experience Destiny's endgame. As promised, this new update will prevent players from pushing Atheon off his platform and it will add a random element to that final fight.

For Destiny players, especially those who regularly run the Vault of Glass, this hot fix represents a big change in strategy. Before, players would typically group into two teams and tackle Atheon in an organized fashion. Now, there will be a few seconds during each teleport where players will need to regroup.

The wording of the Destiny hot fix suggests that this random teleport was always supposed to be a part of the Atheon fight, but it's hard to imagine that was the case. Prior to launch, Bungie was out there touting the Raid as an experience that required strategy and communication, hence why there was no matchmaking.

Pushing Atheon off the edge, on the other hand, was an exploit, but one that many Destiny players had come to accept as canon. Instead players will have to tackle him the old-fashioned way, or try to find new ways to push him.

The hot fix also includes some stability improvements for players who were receiving error code Zebra or found themselves repeatedly Kicked to Login or Kicked to Orbit. Read the full patch notes below:

  • Fixed an issue in which multiple errors reported with Zebra error codes
  • Errors previously reporting as Zebra will now display as their own separate codes
  • Fixed a rare issue related to being Kicked To Login repeatedly
  • Fixed a rare issue that resulted in a Kick To Orbit reported with the Cockatoo error code
  • Fixed an issue where some players would occasionally be erroneously kicked at the beginning of an activity due to a server error
  • Increased protection against account corruption
  • Fixed an issue where Atheon was not choosing random targets for teleport through the timestream during the final encounter on the Vault of Glass
  • Fixed an exploit where Atheon could be forced off his platform

And in typical Bungie fashion, they conclude the patch note post with a tease of what's to come in the world of Destiny. First off it finally sounds like the developer is going to address Exotic Weapon tuning, meaning that Bad Juju and Thorn owners will finally see the quality boost they had been promised a month ago. That likely also means that the Vex Mythoclast will bounce back from its huge nerf two weeks ago.

Destiny Vault Glass Boss Beaten Atheon Video

As well, Bungie teases that voice communication for matchmaking could also be on the way, which is sure to please regular Strike players. Oh, and we might finally be able to hold more than five bounties at a time very soon.

Overall, the update is sure to be a mixed bag with players. On the one hand, the random teleports adds a new wrinkle to Atheon fights, making it more challenging on both difficulties. But, it also cripples those players who had spent time spec-ing for and learning specific roles (relic holder, oracle shooter, etc.). We'll see if the response (positive or negative) influences Bungie in the future.

What do you think of these new changes for Atheon? What changes would you like to see in a future update?


Source: Bungie

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