Gorgeous ‘Destiny’ Panoramas Reveal New Locations

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With the PlayStation-exclusive Alpha underway, and a multi-platform beta just around the corner, Bungie’s upcoming role-playing first-person shooter Destiny is rapidly approaching its September launch date. Now that the developer has clarified that updates are being made to Peter Dinklage’s voice-over, and rumors about the game’s mega-budget have been addressed, the creators are looking to turn the focus back to the sprawling sci-fi world that players will be exploring this fall.

PlayStation owners may already be familiar with some of the zones available in Destiny, but Xbox owners won’t get to take their first steps off-planet until the beta extends to Microsoft consoles in late July. In anticipation of the beta launching later this month, Bungie has released a batch of panoramic images that show off five locations, including a few that will even be new to the alpha players.

Studio community manager David ‘DeeJ’ Dague posted the series of panorama shots on the Bungie weekly update blog along with the following message for eager fans:

“These sweeping vistas that are ripe for exploration make my frequent flier high score seem miniscule by comparison… Check out some of the destinations you’ll explore in the final form of Destiny.”

As alpha players are already aware, Destiny is full of stunning landscapes to soak in when you aren’t busy dodging enemy attacks. The panoramas do a nice job of showcasing the versatile locations that will be available when the game launches. Not that running around on the red plains of Mars isn’t exciting, but it’s nice to know that different locations will offer varying degrees of man-made structures in addition to the unique geographic features on each planet and moon.

DeeJ also used the blog post as an opportunity to mention Destiny achievements and address some questions about the upcoming beta. In short, he clarified that beta participants will be able to share gameplay clips without violating any non-disclosure agreements:

“On July 17th, the Beta will be an open stage for your theatrics. I’ll be happy to say this as many times as it needs to be said. You should have seen me chasing down leaks during the Pre-Alpha, or even the Alpha prior to E3.

“The Beta is our time to unite as a community and see who can make the most noise. We want to see who can stream, share, upload, and kick some ass. Become legend, people. Do it live and in front of an adoring public. Tell your friends. Pass it on.”

Destiny Crucible Competitive Multiplayer Screenshot

That’s good news for those of us who won’t be able to participate in the beta and are looking forward to living vicariously through streams and clips. Although Xbox players will finally catch up to PlayStation users later this summer when the beta is active for all consoles, PlayStation users will still receive some exclusive content at the game’s launch.

We are interested to take a look at the sales figures later this fall and see if the early access and exclusive weapons, outfits, and ships were effective in keeping players away from Microsoft consoles. Do you plan on participating in the upcoming Destiny beta? Which region are you most excited to explore? Let us know in the comments.


Destiny releases on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 9, 2014.

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