Destiny: Pick Up The Vendor Palindrome This Week

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Destiny players, especially those who enjoy PvP in the Crucible, will want to pick up the Crucible Vendor's Palindrome hand cannon this week, as it is as close to a "god roll" as one could hope.

The Palindrome sports quite the combination of perks this week (remember, with Destiny's Age of Triumph the vendor weapons get new rolls with every weekly reset): TrueSight IS, Icarus, Rifled Barrel, and Rangefinder.

Why This Palindrome is So Good

TrueSight IS is a preferred sight for Destiny because it grants extra aim assist. That means the reticle slows down and becomes sticky when it moves by an enemy's head. As a result players can land more headshots, which is a must when it comes to hand cannon play. 

Icarus, which grants extra accuracy in the air, was once a sleeper perk but has since become a popular PvP choice. With it, players can stay mobile and jump while also zeroing their sights on enemies. Some may prefer Luck in the Chamber in this slot, many top-tier Destiny players prefer this perk in its place to provide consistency and accuracy while staying agile. 

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Rifled Barrel is basically a must on hand cannons. Without it, the damage drop off with hand cannons becomes far too severe. Rifled Barrel pushes the Range stat for The Palindrome out further, which affects both the accuracy of each shot and how far it can do full damage.

The last perk, Rangefinder, makes the Range even better and works in tandem with Rifled Barrel. It increases the Range even more, but the catch is players need to aim down sights to get the buff. Although, that shouldn't be a problem because hand cannons are a marksman's weapon and should rarely if ever be used to hip fire. 

These perks make the already excellent Palindrome even better. The Palindrome is in the same archetype as the Eyasluna, and is considered by many to be even better than that much-coveted weapon. That's because it's stats are identical except that The Palindrome has an almost perfect vertical recoil direction versus the Eyasluna's up-and-right recoil pattern. 

Bottom line is: use 150 Legendary Marks to pick this up before the next reset. Considering how dominant The Palindrome already is, this roll can be unstoppable in the hands of an experienced hand cannon user, and is a consistent weapon for a beginner who would like to start using the weapon type. 

Destiny may be entering its twilight months with Destiny 2 on the horizon for the fall, but this is a weapon worth holding onto until the end.

Destiny is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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