Destiny ARG Relaunches with New Puzzles to Solve


About a week after the launch of Rise of Iron and the end of the Owl_Sector ARG, a new leg of the alternate reality game has started causing fans to rush to solve its riddles.

Bungie must be taking a page out of Blizzard's "Sombra" book for Destiny, after a new extension of an alternate reality game fans thought was over continued today. Fans noticed a new microsite on Bungie's website after the original OwlSector ARG site was updated and pointed fans to a new page with a new puzzle.

When fans click on this link, it takes them to a page featuring ASCII art of the SIVA logo that fans have seen in the story of Destiny's newest expansion, Rise of Iron. By clicking through the page, a number of codes load up. It did not take long for the Destiny community to discover that different users were getting different codes and sequences, based on signing into their profiles on

Fans are hard at work trying to solve the mystery, the main work being done on the Destiny subreddit. As one Redditor put it, "So, to be clear, I'm pretty sure the ARG is 'solved'. We just lack coordination/data. This is like raid-tier ARG." Speaking of raids, this outside-the-game mystery is on top of players trying to discover all the mysteries of the new Wrath of the Machine raid. It appears that all the pieces of this ARG puzzle, being called "SIM," are out there, and only need to be put together in the right way.


The theory goes that on top of needing to decode the shapes, numbers, and sequences from the countless users who have logged into the ARG, there is a high level of coordination and matching of the data. Think of it as a giant chain, where each person's codes are connected to another person's and needs to be fit together in the correct order.

Fans were quick to upload all the information they gained from the ARG, but those trying to crack the code discovered vital information (like the direction of the code and the shapes) that was being left out due to the restrictions of copy/pasting data into the comment section of Reddit. In response, a Google Doc form was created that allows fans to accurately record their data.

It's unknown what is at the end of the road for this puzzle, but there are some theories out there. One of the strongest is that the code could help unlock the final monitor in the raid, which most assume will unlock the hidden raid chest.

Fans assumed Owl_Sector was over when the glowing bugs disappeared from their characters at the launch of Rise of Iron and they were given an Owl Sector emblem in-game. Right now, the "SIM" ARG is only taking place outside the game without any ramifications within Destiny itself. Time will tell what will happen when this puzzle is solved.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Destiny Reddit,

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