Destiny fan FootballPhil is back with another Overwatch ‘Play of the Game’ parody video, this time highlighting memorable moments like the Light Eater Ogre teleports.

Since the release of Overwatch there has been no shortage of memes for fans to enjoy. From the hilarious to the confusing to the just plain cruel, Overwatch memes can run the gamut, but a personal favorite has been the Play of the Game parodies. Essentially, these videos take the Play of the Game concept from Overwatch, but include funny clips instead of actual slick plays.

Just recently one Destiny fan put together an Overwatch Play of the Game parody that calls back to some fond memories from Bungie’s shooter. From Crota moving outside of his AI pathing zone to Xur finally selling Gjallarhorn, the video featured plenty of “plays” that any Destiny veteran would remember.

Now, that same creator is back with a new Destiny Play of the Game parody featuring even more classic moments. Check it out below:

While not as memorable as the first video, this latest Destiny Play of the Game parody is still plenty entertaining. Calling back to memorable moments like firing the Black Hammer sniper rifle at the Fallen Walker or watching a Light Eater Ogre teleport across the map in King’s Fall, the video certainly touches upon some situations that should feel familiar to most Destiny veterans.

While every player has a favorite moment from Destiny, these Play of the Game clips tend to highlight the game’s watershed moments. The Loot Cave was, for those who were playing when it was first discovered, a shared experience that’s hard to explain to anyone outside of the Destiny community. Even now, new players find the Loot Cave Easter Egg and wonder what it references.

For now it appears the Destiny Play of the Game has hit most of the high notes as far as Bungie’s shooter is concerned. There are a few items left on the list, but most of those are stretching, or will feel like duplicates. Pushing the Templar off the edge in Vault of Glass comes to mind, but that’s basically the same as pushing Atheon off.

Who knows what new fond memories will be created in year 3, when Destiny launches its Rise of Iron expansion in September. We’re sure that the new raid will have its fair share of unexpected occurrences, but that likely won’t be all of it. We will know for sure a little later this year.

Destiny Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.