One brave Destiny player takes on the King’s Fall Raid all on their lonesome and goes on to single-handedly defeat Oryx in Bungie’s popular action-RPG.

Ever since Destiny‘s release of The Taken King‘s mode known as the King’s Fall raid, many would-be Guardians have tackled it again and again, by setting parameters on what they can and cannot do in order to make defeating its main boss, Oryx, more challenging. Some gamers have beaten the raid as a test to see how fast it can be done, with one group setting a world record at 34 minutes, while others put limitations on how many members can be present to take on the fearsome Taken King, with one instance resulting in Oryx being bested by two players.

Now, the Destiny fan and YouTuber The Great Gatsby has potentially set the bar as high as it can possibly be, by soloing Oryx and coming out on top. As seen in the video below, the task was not an easy one, as he employed a variety of strategies to ensure victory.

Essentially, after skipping the platforming section by guiding the vessel knight away from the light orbs so they wouldn’t be absorbed by the enemy, and by utilizing the self-resurrection super each time the orbs exploded, the old sport made the run look deceptively simple. Not to mention, Gatsby’s decision to cap the Shade instead of β€œcheesing it”, so to speak, like many other players before him benefited his outcome.

According to Gatsby, he’s sunk over 1000+ hours into Destiny with his Warlock, and spent 50+ hours trying to beat the King’s Fall raid and its challenges on his own, so it’s obvious that the Guardian has been preparing to take out Oryx in a solo attempt for quite some time. As a matter of fact, Gatsby makes it clear that the campaign only succeeded due to the planning stages’ collaborative effort amongst him and a few other Destiny diehards.


As many gamers will attest, conquering Oryx with a six-person fire-team is hard enough, much less defeating him by going it alone. A lot of timing, coordination, and skill is required to overpower the boss and his minions, so Gatsby’s single-player run of the raid was not only impressive, but it could also be argued as a powerful reflection of the great American dream of succeeding through determination and self-reliance.

Of course, while Gatsby’s feat is undoubtedly a mighty one, even he can’t deny that it doesn’t compare to GladHeAteHer182’s blindfolded defeat of Crota. Nevertheless, maybe the sightless venture will inspire Gatsby to take on Oryx by himself on Hard the next time around.

Destiny and its most recent expansion, The Taken King, is out now and is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: The Great Gatsby – YouTube (via Kotaku)