Destiny: Oryx Beat With Only 3 Players

By | 1 year ago 

A team of three talented Destiny players manages to beat Oryx at the end of the King’s Fall Raid, despite fielding half the recommended number of Guardians for the fight.

For many Destiny players, putting together a Fireteam of six Guardians with sufficient skill and gear to take on a Raid is the biggest challenge in the game. However, the very best players will always need to push themselves a little further — and that’s exactly what a trio accomplished this week.

While a team of six is the party size that Bungie recommends, players are able to attempt a Raid with fewer Guardians. Yesterday, a team comprised of CommanderCuesta, Like Me 808, and sc Slayerage managed to pull off the feat of killing Oryx as a trio.

Given that Oryx is the final boss of the endgame Raid released with the most recent Destiny content drop, it’s safe to say that it’s among the most challenging encounters in the game. Managing to complete the fight with just half the standard player count is a rather impressive accomplishment.

However, this isn’t the first time that the players involved have demonstrated their skills for all to see. The group — collectively known as ‘The Legend Himself’ — made headlines early in the game’s lifespan when they completed the Vault of Glass as a trio just weeks after launch.

More recently, the team managed to clear the Ogre boss fight from the King’s Fall Raid while fielding just two Guardians. Most players would be satisfied to complete this content without adding extra limitations for themselves, but few other groups can claim the same sort of mastery of the game’s PvE component as The Legend Himself.

With a challenge like the King’s Fall Raid being so comprehensively beaten, it’s easy to start thinking about what’s next for Destiny. The Taken King has been available for a little less than a month, but there’s already demand for some fresh content to be added into the game.

While fans shouldn’t expect anything on the scale of The Taken King for some time, we might see smaller DLC drops like The Dark Below and House of Wolves at some point next year. However, Bungie is yet to comment on their plans for the immediate future of the game.

Despite a shaky start, it’s easy to see why teams like The Legend Himself are so deeply invested in Destiny. The game has finally hit its stride — and the dedicated community that’s sprung up around it only makes the experience more compelling.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.