Destiny Adding an Ornament Kiosk with The Dawning

Along with The Dawning live event in December, Destiny will soon allow fans to purchase the exact Ornaments they want through a new kiosk in the Tower.

Ornaments were a new feature that came to the game in Destiny: Rise of Iron, adding a layer of customization to exotic weapons and armor. But the only way to get them has been through Radiant Treasure, which players can earn once per week by completing a Heroic Strike. Other than that, players would have to visit the Eververse store and buy more Radiant Treasure via microtransaction. But the Ornament that would come out of the Radiant Treasure has always been up to random draw.

But not anymore. Later this month, Destiny will add an Ornament kiosk in the Tower, which will allow players to visit and purchase exactly the Ornaments they want without having to hope they get lucky with RNG. An Ornament will be the same cost as the ones that the weekly vendor Xur has been offering: 25 Silver Dust.

The kiosk will be added on December 13, when The Dawning event goes live. In an interview with IGN, Bungie executive producer Scott Taylor says the kiosk comes after Bungie has heard the feedback from fans, which led to this kiosk being added to the game.

destiny dawning icebreaker ornament

All the weapon Ornaments will be available from the Ornament kiosk, including the upcoming new Ornaments for Thorn, The Last Word, Black Spindle, Red Death, and the returning Ice Breaker. Now that Festival of the Lost is over, the Ornaments for Bad Juju have been moved out of Treasures of the Lost and are in the regular Ornament loot pool, meaning they will also be available from the new kiosk.

Although Bungie has not specified, this Ornament kiosk does not seem to offer raid or Trials of Osiris Ornaments, which are high-tiered rewards for completing raid challenge modes and by going Flawless, respectively.

Radiant Treasure isn’t going anywhere—after all, that’s how players collect the Silver Dust necessary for this micro-economy — and there will still be the opportunity to find a desired Ornament by luck. Ornaments that may be repeats or not wanted can also be dismantled for 5 Silver Dust.

This looks to be a great addition to Destiny, as it continues a trend of Bungie finding avenues to reward players with the exact loot they want in the game. The Ornament system as it has functioned is very restrictive and up to RNG, so giving the player more choice and a determined path, especially one outside of microtransactions.

The Dawning event will launch in Destiny on December 13, 2016.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

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