Destiny Guide: How to Get the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle

By | 12 months ago 

After the Sleeper Simulant quest captivated the Destiny population and sent them on a wild quest for the exotic fusion rifle, a new quest has today appeared. This quest, much like the Sleeper Simulant, is tied to past missions and objectives, and includes several new steps on the path to completion. Most importantly, though, the quest unlocks the No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle, a weapon that has been on many players’ radars for quite some time. It also looks a lot like the Stranger’s Rifle from Year 1.

To acquire the No Time to Explain, follow these steps:

The Hidden Ghosts

Most should have completed the first step of the quest before, but for those who haven’t today’s daily story mission will help. Follow our guide for the Paradox story mission (only when it is the Daily) and you will earn a special Ghost that needs to be turned in to the Future War Cult representative. However, if you have only completed the mission today, it appears the quest won’t trigger until tomorrow at the earliest. It’s apparently time-gated.

Destiny Taken King Ghost Shell Will Boost Stats

Get the Simulation Core

Once some time has passed, or today for those players who captured the Ghost previously, the FWC handler will have a new quest called Not Forged in Light. It requires that players first gain some reputation with the Faction (about 1,000) before them obtaining and shattering a Simulation Core from a Taken minotaur. Taken minotaurs can be found in numerous places throughout Destiny, but we’d recommend The Citadel on Venus or The Buried City on Mars. Note that you don’t have to kill one of the Taken Champions that is a minotaur; any Lieutenant will work as well.

Defeat Atheon Again

Once you have the Simulation Core and have shattered it (hold Square/X), the FWC vendor will have a new step that requires completing the Vault of Glass raid. Now it’s possible to complete the raid with a smaller fireteam, but most will be more comfortable going at it with 6. This is really the major hurdle in the quest, and it’s also the most time consuming step.

Destiny Atheon Raid Boss

The good news is Destiny players don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary during the Vault of Glass – simply make it to the end and kill Atheon. Doing so should give you the ‘Eye of Atheon’ item.

Find the Chest

After shattering the Eye of Atheon, the FWC vendor will give you a solo quest that requires heading to the Twilight Gap Crucible map. What’s unique about this instance is that there are a series of light pools scattered throughout the map, and only those will keep players from being overcome by the shadow and dying. So, what you need to do is move from light pool to light pool while searching for a hidden chest. The chest has random spawn points, so there’s no way to predict where it will be for each individual. Once you do find it, the chest should contain the ‘Bracelet of Ana Bray’.

Kill the Groundskeeper

Once again, players will need to return to the FWC vendor and give her the bracelet. And finally she will give you the last step on the quest, which requires killing the Groundskeeper in the Black Garden. This oversized Vex minotaur is not too challenging to defeat, but he is surrounded by Vex, which can be overwhelming when running the mission solo. What players need to do is first kill a bunch of Vex to get the ‘Anger’ level to 100%, and then the Groundskeeper will appear. Do as much damage to him as you can before the level drops below 100% and then rinse and repeat. Again, it’s tough to do damage and avoid the mobs of enemies, so either be very meticulous or take a fireteam.

No Time to Explain

Finally, once the Groundskeeper is down, players can return to the FWC vendor for the last time and claim their No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle. The gun’s perks include Full Auto and a unique perk that returns ammo to the magazine for every precision hit. It’s quite the weapon and should be an extremely useful option in Crucible.

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.