Will No New Raid Hurt ‘Destiny’?

By | 2 years ago 

Early last week, Destiny developer Bungie dropped a bombshell. Amidst talk of the House of Wolves DLC’s new content – like new missions, a new horde mode type experience, and a new story – Bungie confirmed that the expansion would not feature a new raid.

Granted, they promised that a new raid would hit some time later this year, but the circumstances surrounding that release are a complete mystery. Most Destiny players hope the House of Wolves raid will simply be a free download released at a later date, while the cynics could easily see the raid being incorporated into the rumored 2015 expansion, tentatively titled Comet.

Whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is there will be no new raid for Destiny with House of Wolves. And that, for a lot of players, is a major problem.

Destiny Players Itching for More

While some members of the Destiny community are still gradually working through the game, dabbling in Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, and Nightfall Strikes, plenty were simply biding their time. Why were players soloing Crota’s End at various difficulties and with various modified rules? Because they didn’t want to stop playing Destiny, but had nothing new to do.

Destiny House of Wolves No New Raid

To be fair, Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC will offer new content, including that Prison of the Elders mode, but it’s not necessarily the content that players are looking for. Raids are a key piece of Destiny’s endgame puzzle, and with only two available that post-level cap experience is starting to look rather thin. A new strike is great, but it doesn’t have the type of carrot-on-the-stick appeal that a new raid does.

The Expansion Pass

Then we get into the issue of the Destiny Expansion Pass, which was sold alongside Destiny as the key to additional content. Among other things, the Expansion Pass promised two new raids, one per DLC “expansion.” Many players bought the Expansion Pass for those two raids specifically, and now they are left feeling short-changed. Again, it’s still possible that Bungie might deliver the third raid at no extra charge, but right now that’s how a lot of Destiny players are feeling.

We’ve seen it before – DLC cancellations and alterations – but not on a scale like this. Destiny is arguably the hottest game to release in the last year, or at least the fervent online community would lead one to believe it. The Destiny community is vocal, active, and dedicated, but now they are faced with a really tough decision.

Destiny Digital Guardian Edition and Expansion Pass

With so many players criticizing the game but still finding joy in it, we’re wondering if this latest news might change their position. Does the lack of a new raid offer the perfect point for Destiny players to move on?

When it first released Destiny had little in the way of competition, and with Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Assassin’s Creed Unity launching with significant online problems, those games paved the way for Destiny to dominate. Yes, Destiny‘s criticisms were well documented, but fans seemed to drown those out. Many of us at Game Rant found plenty wrong with Destiny’s DNA, but still logged hundreds of hours with it regardless. And we do not regret a single second.

Now What?

However, that time was always seen as an investment. When the game first launched, that investment was in preparation for Vault of Glass, then for getting better at the Nightfall Strikes, then Crota’s End on Normal, and finally Crota’s End on Hard. Now, players don’t have that singular thing to invest in. Now, they are left with a choice: keep playing Destiny or move on to something different

How has last week’s announcement changed your interest in Destiny? Will you still pick up the House of Wolves DLC?

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.