Destiny‘s community manager DeeJ reveals that Guardians who enjoy taking screenshots or videos in the game will be treated to a no-HUD mode in the April update.

Plenty of news dropped in today’s official Destiny livestream, revealing what Guardians can expect from the April update. In addition, there was one smaller tidbit of news that nonetheless is pretty exciting: adding the ability for players to remove their HUD.

Once the Destiny update is released on April 12th, gamers will be able to turn off their HUD at will. DeeJ demonstrated the feature in the Destiny livestream, and gamers will be able to shut the HUD off by going to their settings, followed by accessibility, and then choosing the off option. In addition, gamers can choose to set their HUD visibility to full, high, or low, which the developers designed specifically to help prevent TV burn-in for gamers who are playing on plasma televisions.

Like all games, Destiny‘s heads-up display, or HUD, provides plenty of information that’s more or less required to be able to play the game. From player health to the aiming reticule, it’s all available on the HUD. However, Destiny is full of areas that are amazing to look at, but having the cluttered HUD on screenshots takes away from how good the game looks. Being able to turn off the HUD is one of the most requested features from players who make videos and take screenshots in the game. Considering that the majority of MMOs offer the ability to temporarily disable the HUD to take idyllic screenshots or make videos, it’s only reasonable for Destiny to do the same.

destiny turn off hud settings

Considering the prior antics of Destiny‘s Guardians, chances are that players won’t just use the no-HUD mode to take pictures. The players of Destiny are well-known for their self-made challenges and completing raids and quests with self-imposed rules, like completing the Oryx challenge with just three people, or defeating Crota while blindfolded. Playing through a raid without a HUD is a fairly small accomplishment in comparison, but chances are gamers will take the opportunity to use the ability to amp up the difficulty to extreme levels nonetheless.

It may only be a matter of time before news breaks that a group of gamers have completed the new strike coming to Destiny without their HUDs. Even Destiny players that aren’t interested in intense challenges will probably be happy with the goodies coming in the April update, including plenty of new weapons and gear. The new armor Chroma effect that gives armor a glowing appearance should look especially great in no-HUD screenshots.

Guardians, do you have any plans to turn your HUD off for screenshots or gameplay? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny is out now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The April update is due to release on April 12th for free to anyone who owns The Taken King.

Source: Twitch