A newly discovered glitch allows Destiny players to lower their weapon, offering up some interesting opportunities for the game’s community of machinima creators.

Destiny players have had to endure long periods without new content in the eighteen months since the game launched, and many have entertained themselves by creating inventive videos using the game. Now, a new glitch looks set to give budding directors some new shots to play with.

Using a simple sequence of inputs, players can lower their weapon, removing it from their field of view. Combined with the option to remove the game’s HUD added via the game’s most recent update, it’s possible to record footage with zero distractions on the screen.

To get started, players will need one of the game’s sword-type weapons and an open space. Then, it’s a simple process of swinging your sword with a melee attack, switching weapons halfway through the animation, then pressing the melee attack button three more times in rapid succession.

While the option of removing the HUD is an announced, intentional addition, it remains to be seen whether or not players are meant to be able to lower their weapon. It certainly works well in conjunction with the disabled HUD, but there are a few ways to break the effect that might confirm that it’s simply a glitch.

Players won’t be able to sprint while their weapon is lowered, and double-jumping will reportedly break the effect, too. However, they can move and jump as they would normally otherwise, making it possible to get some really neat footage.

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find out Bungie had included this ‘glitch’ on purpose to aid machinima projects. The studio was known to assist Rooster Teeth — the team behind the popular Red vs. Blue web series — when it was at the helm of the Halo franchise in years gone by.

New methods for creating fan films are all well and good, but most Destiny players will likely be more interested in when the game’s next content drop will arrive. At present, it seems likely that we’ll see some kind of expansion launch in the latter part of 2016.

In fact, it perhaps won’t be too long until Bungie starts hyping a true sequel to Destiny, which seems likely to be scheduled for a release next year. Based on these recent additions, that game should feature plenty more functionality that caters to the machinima scene.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit