New Destiny Nightstalker Glitch Has Been Found

Destiny nightstalker quiver

A Destiny player details and shows off a brand new gamebreaking bug that allows Nightstalker Hunters the ability to shoot while performing a shadestep roll.

Destiny has seen no shortage of controversy lately, especially when it comes to a lack of new content for players to enjoy. Unfortunately for Bungie, a brand new gamebreaking bug has been found, and it's one that could easily give a major advantage to players who utilize it in the various PvP modes within Destiny.

YouTube user Giggle Monster has found a way to break the long delay that occurs after a player uses shadestep, an evasion move which pulls the camera out into a third-person view and then zooms back in once the animation is complete. This cool down period is meant to prevent the player from gaining a big advantage by immediately shooting off their guns after the move is performed.


However, as the player details in his video, by calling the Ghost and jumping during the shadestep animation, Nightstalker players are able to bypass the normal delay and immediately go back to first-person view to fire their weapons – essentially while using the ability. Interestingly enough, the roll animation still finishes from the viewpoint of other players, but the player using shadestep is returned to a first-person view and is able to shoot off their weapon much earlier than intended during mid-roll.

Sadly, this isn't the first glitch related to the new Nightstalker subclass for Hunters. About 3 months ago, patch 2.01 introduced a doozey of a glitch which allowed Nightstalkers using the Quiver perk along with the exotic helmet Graviton Forfeit to essentially fire off as many arrows as needed. Before the issue was corrected, Bungie was forced to postpone the Trials of Osiris event and temporarily remove the extra 2 shots from the Quiver perk, something which no doubt annoyed honest Nightstalker players.

It's been a somewhat rough stretch for Bungie over these past few months as a notable lack of meaningful content is starting to negatively affect the player base, including the popular player tripleWRECK who recently shared his frustrations in a brutally honest YouTube video. While most of his frustrations come from Bungie taking their time to release any new content, he also highlighted the unfair way in which Bungie secretly changed matchmaking to be based on skill without informing the community.

Are you still playing Destiny or have you moved on to different games? How would you like to see Bungie fix the current state of things?

Destiny is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Giggle Monster YouTube

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