Destiny Players Set New Record for Fastest Nightfall Strike


Destiny offers fans many different activities for gamers to get together with their friends to complete, but some Guardians are so good at Bungie's science fiction shooter that they have to put some self-imposed challenges and limitations upon themselves in order to get an even more enjoyable experience out of the title. For instance, one Fireteam recently got together to tackle the Nexus Mind strike with the sole purpose of setting the world record for the fastest Nightfall speedrun, and ended up handily accomplishing the task.

As seen below in the video courtesy of the YouTuber known as Hazabow, three Guardians make incredibly quick work of the Destiny mission, as they sprint from one location to the next, taking out Dregs with grace and fluidity, all while hunting down and destroying the Servitors as soon as they appear. Then, once they reach Sekrion, the Guardians known as Sweatcicle, x THE FIZH x, and Hazabow blast him to pieces before the fight even really begins.

Of course, while this Fireteam's speedrun through the Nexus Mind Nightfall strike is indeed impressive, as it only takes them 2 minutes and 36 seconds in total to complete it, there are a great deal of other Guardians who have accomplished similar tasks with other strikes and raids. For instance, one player soloed the Crota's End raid with a speedrun time of roughly 16 minutes, while there was another group of seriously dedicated Destiny players who beat the Challenge of the Elders in under 4 minutes.

Needless to say, though, Hazabow, Sweatcicle, and x THE FIZH x definitely made their pass through the Nexus Mind Nightfall strike look ridiculously easy, as they glided through the stage with ease. Should they attempt to tackle it again, it would be even more impressive if they manage to best their previous time.

Taking all of this into consideration, with Destiny 2 slated for release later this year, it will be interesting to see how the tradition of speedruns for raids, strikes, and other challenges carries over to the sequel. With PC fans soon able to join in on the action, there's a good chance that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans can be bested in terms of their times, as some could argue that gamers on personal computers will have an an advantage with the use of a mouse and keyboard.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Hazabow – YouTube

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