[UPDATE: The broken door in the Nightfall strike has been fixed. Everyone can proceed as normal and collect their 290 Ghost Shell.]

While Tuesday typically means new releases for the average gamer, for Destiny players it means reset day. Every Tuesday, Bungie resets the weekly activities so players can once again try their hand at acquiring new loot and increasing their light level with the new Raid challenge modes. Or that’s normally what players would be doing, if one piece of the weekly reset weren’t broken.

As some early risers or night owls have already discovered, the Weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny is broken. According to multiple reports and our own testing, some sort of bug is preventing players from progressing through the Strike, which this week is the Sunless Cell. And without being able to progress, players are not able to collect their loot.

Although it’s unclear what is causing the problem, it appears that something within Destiny’s code is preventing a specific door from opening in the Strike. On top of that, several of the areas prior to the door are without enemies, a telltale sign that the instance isn’t loading properly.

Obviously, with it being the middle of the night/early morning, Bungie has yet to acknowledge the issue, let alone fix it, but we hope they will quickly. That being said, the development team is still on somewhat of a holiday break right now, with many developers not returning until the 21st.


The bigger issue here, though, is the growing number of problems witnessed by Destiny players over the last few weeks. From random deaths to extremely laggy crucible matches, Destiny is seemingly coming apart at the seams, and for no apparent reason at all. The developer tried to say that the Sparrow Racing League was impacting PvP servers and causing additional lag, but that event ended a few weeks ago and things actually got worse. Even Iron Banner, which is notorious for lag, was notably worse than it has ever been.

No doubt the growing number of problems is sure to convince even more players that it may be time to take Destiny off the daily rotation, but more than that it’s the lack of new content that seems to be hurting the game’s public profile. At this point, few would argue that Bungie is not helping the situation with their secretive attitude when it comes to announcing new content. But it’s random occurrences like this that make it seem like Destiny itself is trying to push players away.

Have you noticed any major problems with Destiny lately? Were you able to get the door to open in the Nightfall Strike?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.