Destiny players finish the weekly Nightfall mission and discover rewards that include SRL gear such as Custom Horn Kits, racing armor, and SRL specific sparrows.

With the Sparrow Racing League event having recently come to a close, Destiny fans have begun to see new Nightfall rewards appear in the form of Custom Horn Kits and Legendary Sparrow Boxes. These kits are capable of issuing out any rare or legendary horns previously rewarded out during SRL races, along with racing armor and even SRL sparrows like the Lightrunner.

In a post on Reddit, fans have begun to discover that Bungie has added SRL horns into the potential rewards pool. These items can continue to be broken down to receive items like the horn relay which is able to turn a rare horn into a legendary horn making it permanent. Rare horns have a limited life span according to Bungie, though at this time, many users are reporting that rare horns won through the SRL event are still active.

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Based on the current thread, the news appears to have a mixed reaction among fans. While some appreciate being able to possibly collect items they may have missed, others don’t seem to like the idea of getting cosmetic or old microtransaction items as a reward for beating arguably the hardest mission that week. For players who have collected a lot of the SRL loot already then there is also a good chance that the rewards will simply be a duplicate, which is no doubt discouraging after putting in that much work.

The move is reminiscent of the decision to add many of the fall 2015 emotes as a potential reward for completing the weekly Nightfall mission.  After the Eververse Trading Company received a fresh inventory of items thanks to the December update, many of the first wave of items were removed from the store. Without saying a word, players began discovering Mystery Bags after finishing the Nightfall, which had a higher than normal chance to contain an emote that the player did not currently own. It would appear that this is a trend Bungie aims to continue after these timed content updates finish.

SRL or Sparrow Racing League, marked Bungie’s first attempt at a new content policy for year two of Destiny. Instead of releasing bulky and paid content expansions like House of Wolves, a live team at Bungie is in charge with creating and releasing new events for players to participate in during a certain time period. Already players have seen events like Iron Banner and the Halloween inspired Festival of the Lost. Bungie has only teased what’s coming in 2016 for Destiny players, but they have assured fans that two events are coming early next year so there won’t be a content gap.

Are you a fan of Bungie adding SRL horns into the potential rewards for doing strikes now or would you rather them get removed for a better chance at legendaries or shaders? Let us know your thoughts below.

Destiny is now available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Source: Reddit