Destiny Weekly Reset Details: Nightfall, Heroic Strikes, and More


Destiny: Rise of Iron kicks off another new week of content for players with the weekly playlist reset and here is everything that you'll need to know about what's new.

In the world of Destiny, Tuesday marks the start of a brand new week of content for players, as playlists are reset and refreshed with new things to do and items to acquire. With Rise of Iron still fresh after launching a few weeks back, there's plenty of new stuff and items for players to check out. Here's a complete look at everything waiting to be conquered.

Weekly Nightfall

First up is the Nightfall strike and this week it is centered on the Undying Mind strike pitting guardians against the Vex army in the Black Garden. To make things a bit more challenging, this week does not feature a specific burn advantage to help make things quicker and instead features the following modifiers: Epic, Specialist, Fresh Troops, Match Game, and Airborne.

  • Epic adds heavily shielded enemies that are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers.
  • Specialist gives a bonus to special weapons than either heavy or primary, so players will more than likely want to stock up on special ammo synthesis items this week.
  • Fresh Troops provide additional reinforcements to certain groups of enemies meaning players will typically see an influx of enemies in certain spots.
  • Match Game is arguably the worst of the bunch this week by giving enemy shields complete resistance to unmatched elemental damage. To counteract this, guardians should make sure to have a weapon of each elemental type so they can switch as needed.
  • Last but not least is Airborne, where players will deal more damage while in the air, perfect for Titans using the Twilight Garrison exotic armor.


SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist

The Heroic Strike playlist for this week contains the following modifiers: Heroic, Solar Burn, Small Arms, Chaff.

  • Per usual, Heroic buffs enemies, making them more aggressive and throwing them at players in greater numbers.
  • Solar Burn increases the damage given and received from solar (fire) based weaponry.
  • Small Arms increases primary weapon damage while reducing damage output from secondary and heavy weapons.
  • Finally, Chaff completely disables player radar, even for those using the Memory of Gheleon artifact.

Keep in mind that the SIVA Heroic Strike Playlist is the only place to earn one new Radiant Treasure each week which may include ornaments and Silver Dust. In addition, this playlist is a great place to find a Skeleton Key which has a chance to drop after the boss is killed.

Challenge of the Elders

Players still looking for Sterling Treasure will want to stop by the level 41 Prison of Elders to claim their weekly offering filled with chroma, Spektar, and Desolate gear.

For those working on the Elder's Sigil in the Challenge of the Elders, the modifiers for this week are: Brawler, Fresh Troops, and Precision Kill Bonus.

  • Brawler places an emphasis on guardian melee damage.
  • Fresh Troops adds even more enemies into the mix.
  • Finally, all Precision Kills will award bonus points to fireteams, so make sure to aim for the head in round one for the Cabal boss and then the stomach in rounds two and three for the Vex bosses.

If the Prison of Elders is on a player's schedule this week, don't forget to visit Variks at the reef to grab his bounties as well. A little extra experience and reputation doesn't hurt.

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Crucible Playlist

This week in the Crucible, Inferno Supremacy takes over for the first Rise of Iron themed Iron Banner. Supremacy is the new mode added to the Crucible in Destiny: Rise of Iron and similar to other modes like Kill Confirmed, a killed player will drop an icon which teams will want to pick up either to add a kill tally to their score, or deny that opportunity to the other team. The inferno variant this week simply removes the radar from all players.

New Bounties

Felwinter Peak should be the first stop for guardians looking to fill out their Rise of Iron Record Book as Tyra Karn has a brand new Artifacts of the Iron Lords quest available. Finishing this simple quest grants a token which can be redeemed for one of three artifacts. This week, players can pick from Memory of Jolder, Memory of Silimar, and Memory of Skorri.


While these three have been previously available before, Memory of Jolder completely removes the sprint cooldown period, Memory of Silimar greatly increases resistance to damage over time attacks like the Thorn in the Crucible, and Memory of Skorri helps recharge nearby ally supers faster when the player super meter is full.

Next up is the Vanguard scout Shiro-4, who has four new bounties ready for eager guardians. Crushing Blows tasks players with defeating 100 enemies using power weapons or the Iron Battle Axe. Stay Down requires to kill Fallen enemies, which each one defeated adding a percentage to the bounty meter. Keep in mind, finishing these bounties gives a chance of starting the new exotic quest for Thorn. The last two are Archon Forge specific, requiring that players win four times against servitor and dreg themed events.

Next up is the Tower to visit Lord Shaxx who has the Back to Basics weekly Crucible bounty. This week players will need to partake in the CLash match type and finish 7 games, kill 50 players with primary weapons, get 25 assists, and 25 kills with any ability. Finish this up to earn Nightfall tier rewards and gear.


While the Iron Banner has officially wrapped up its first week back since Destiny: Rise of Iron launched, now with Lady Efrideet in charge of the event, players can still take part in the Trials of Osiris each weekend provided they have a fire team in place as there is no matchmaking available.

It might also be worth making a few Wrath of the Machine runs as well in preparation of hard mode finally becoming available to the raid next week on October 18, 2016.

That's it for this week guardians, good luck out there.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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