Destiny Nightfalls Will Change in Next Live Event

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Destiny's next live event, Age of Triumph, will bring a change to the game's weekly Nightfall Strikes. While exactly what that change is remains unknown for a little while longer, Destiny's developer, Bungie, continues to tease that Age of Triumph will bring more "mayhem" to Nightfalls.

Talking to Gamesradar, Bungie's community manager, DeeJ, said there would be some "subtle things to change up" Nightfalls. The official reveal of that change will come this coming Wednesday, March 15 on another Twitch stream. That stream will focus on how Age of Triumph will shake up the game's weekly rituals, which will also include the new weekly featured raid.

The first mention of the change to Nightfall came during this week's Destiny stream, where Bungie officially unveiled Age of Triumph and its massive 13-page record book. During that stream, DeeJ made an off-handed comment about Nightfalls getting more mayhem added to them. That small mention sparked discussion among fans connecting Nightfalls with the Mayhem PvP mode in the Crucible.

DeeJ has continued to use that mayhem term not only when talking to Gamesradar but also in Bungie's weekly blog, which was posted today, saying "What was that about adding some mayhem to the Nightfall?" in a list of changes and additions coming in Age of Triumph.

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What is Mayhem?

Mayhem Clash was added in The Taken King expansion. The mode speeds up the recharge of players' Super, melee, and grenade abilities, as well as causes shorter and multiple spawns of Special and Heavy ammo on the map.

Going down that train of thought, it's possible that a "mayhem" modifier could be coming to Nightfalls, perhaps causing faster recharge times on Supers or even all abilities. However, Destiny's Strikes already have the Catapult modifier, which causes faster grenade recharge rates.

Destiny has modified Super recharge rates before, specifically in The Taken King in the final mission for each of the new subclasses. When unlocking the Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, and Stormcaller subclasses, the final quest mission granted the Boundless Light buff that gave practically infinite Supers. It's unlikely that a "mayhem" modifier—if that is in fact what Bungie intends to do—would charge Supers that quickly.

Whatever the promised change to Nightfalls is, fans will find out on March 15. Age of Triumph will go live in Destiny on March 28.

How do you think Nightfalls will change? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Gamesradar, Bungie

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