A serious, scientific news story about the potential for life on the planet Saturn mistakenly uses a screenshot from Destiny: The Taken King as its lead photo.

People clicking on a Yahoo News story about the potential for life on Saturn’s biggest moon were greeted by a lead photo that did not look quite so scientific. That’s because it was taken from Destiny: The Taken King. To Yahoo’s credit, the screenshot did show the planet Saturn, or at least the version of Saturn that is in Destiny. However, Saturn was not the only thing in the screenshot, which also prominently included one of Destiny‘s ships was in the shot as well.

The story, titled “Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, appears suited for life — just not human life,” discusses a recent study that found Saturn’s largest moon has evidence of “flowing liquids” on its surface and could hold the chance for primordial life. The top image has since been changed, but for a time the story prominently featured the screenshot from Destiny.

Who knows how the parties responsible at Yahoo missed it, as the screenshot is pretty blatantly not a realistic shot of our solar system’s sixth planet. The picture is an “in orbit” shot from Destiny, where a player’s ship and the Dreadnaught can be clearly seen, along with Saturn in the background.

Destiny Dreadnaught Concept Art

This isn’t the first time video game art has been used by mistake in non-gaming news articles. Just last week, a hotel in Los Angeles used screenshots from Grand Theft Auto 5 to promote LA. Not to mention, in the past, the BBC accidentally used the UNSC logo from Halo in place of a UN logo that it was actually referring to in the story.

Meanwhile in Destiny, many fans are revisiting the Dreadnaught that orbits Saturn in the game to complete the Year Two Moments of Triumph, which were added to the game by Bungie yesterday on Bungie Day. Without any smaller live events in sight, fans are looking forward to the fall release of Destiny‘s next major expansion, Rise of Iron. Until then, besides Moments of Triumph, the game has settled into its normal routine of Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events.

But that doesn’t mean Bungie has stopped messing with the live game. Just this week Bungie implemented new matchmaking settings to test in the Control playlist, as the matchmaking system continues to be a constant source of discussion in the Destiny community.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Yahoo! (via Eurogamer)