Destiny Players Can Unlock the New Exotic Sidearm Right Now


Alongside the latest update to Destiny, the new exotic sidearm teased with Rise of Iron is in the game ahead of the expansion's official release date.

Destiny's latest update 2.4.0 represents the biggest change to the game since the meaty April Update. The update contains a large amount of the content that will unlock and be available once Rise of Iron officially launches on September 20th. But until that date, it appears Bungie has tightened the grip on one of the new exotics coming in Destiny's fall expansion.

Trespasser, the new exotic sidearm that has been teased in the promotion of Rise of Iron, can be earned now. The lucky players who have gotten their hands on this weapon have done so by decrypting engrams. While some fans speculated that perhaps it was a mistake on Bungie's part — an unfortunate circumstance of update 2.4.0 hitting the game — the release appears intentional, confirmed by Bungie on Twitter:


It's not out of the ordinary to see the studio release new content early, considering that Bungie did something similar ahead of The Taken King last year. When Update 2.0 was released a week prior to The Taken King, players soon found out that brand-new Year Two Legendary weapons were dropping as rewards post-match in the Crucible.

As for aesthetics, Trespasser looks like a Destiny-fied version of Robocop's pistol. Its unique perk? "This weapon fires bursts of bullets with deadly accuracy." Sidearms in general received a buff in this update's weapon rebalancing, and the outlook for sidearms look very favorable. Stacking Trespasser's unique automatic burst fire and accuracy on top of that buff, and this weapon may be a real contender in the Crucible.

In fact, a Twitter user, @GeeTheHuman, tweeted a video of Trespasser in action:


Players have reported that they have received Trespasser from Special Exotic engrams, even those that they saved prior to this update (which could mean that new exotics may decrypt from current engrams even after Rise of Iron launches). A few have even said that Trespasser decrypted from Rare engrams.

In addition to Trespasser dropping from engrams, exotic boots appear to be decrypting from engrams up to 339 Light, 4 points higher than the current cap of 335. In addition, there is a chance that Silver tier Trials of Osiris packages could drop exotics above the 335 Light level as well.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Have you gotten Trespasser to drop? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Destiny Reddit

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