'Destiny' Glitch Reveals New Raids & Strike Missions

Destiny New Raid Strike Revealed

Although many gamers are still pouring over all that Destiny has to offer in terms of story missions, Strikes, raids, and PvP multiplayer, there is a growing contingent that is fast becoming bored with the game's base content. These players (present company included) are hungry for more, and are hopeful that the coming weeks and months will bring new and exciting experiences to Bungie's shooter/MMO hybrid.

However, outside of a few calendar events and the names of two DLC expansions, we don't know much about Destiny's future. What Bungie has planned for gamers beyond the week 1 content has been mostly a mystery…until now.

Thanks to a curious glitch one Destiny player has inadvertently uncovered a set of previously invisible gameplay events, a few of which seem to be attached to the game's expansion content. In total, the player was able to see (and document) a handful of new Raids and Strike missions, varying in difficulty from level 12 all the way up to level 28.

What makes the glitch even more interesting is that a few of the missions carry the same names as Destiny's post release expansions, specifically The Dark Below and The House of Wolves. The Dark Below is the first DLC expansion slated for release in December, and The House of Wolves will follow in early 2015.

And so, putting two and two together it's safe to assume that, at minimum, The Dark Below and The House of Wolves will add a handful of new Strikes and Raids to the game. Whether that's all they will add, however, is unclear.

Check out the gallery below for screenshots of each unannounced event:

[gallery columns="2" ids="239616,239617,239618,239619,239620,239621"]

And so, unfortunately for Bungie, it appears their hand has been tipped well before they were prepared, leaving fans to scrutinize the forthcoming content, or rather the lack thereof. As we noted in our Destiny review, the game, while engaging and satisfying from a mechanical standpoint, is pretty bare when it comes to content. And if these DLC expansions only plan to add two or three missions each, we hardly think that will be enough for fans. That's assuming that Bungie doesn't add more free content in the interim, like the Vault of Glass Raid.

For that reason we won't pass judgment on some leaked and unsubstantiated info just yet, but we'll admit that the experience is running thin. There is hope in the form of new gameplay updates and loot system improvements, but that's not "new" content. Even the planned Iron Banner event for October doesn't deliver anything all that new.

What do you think of the alleged new DLC for Destiny? Does it feel like enough, or were you hoping for more?


Source: Kotaku

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