'Destiny' Exotic Weapon Buffs Teased for Next Update

Destiny Hot Fix Nerfs Weapons

Destiny's loot system has been a cause of much discussion and controversy with the player base since the title launched. First, there was the completely broken Engram system that rarely gave players the same quality of loot as the Engram itself. This system arguably spawned the rise of several different "loot caves", as players sought out the most efficient path for gearing up in the least amount of time possible. Even individual weapons have come under fire, with Bungie having to nerf - and then rebuff - items in response to player feedback.

It's easy to look at this situation and scoff that Bungie's loot system was not ready for the launch of the game. But even the harshest critic must admit that the developer seems to be doing everything it can to bring the game up to player expectations, and the latest evidence just dropped this week.

Bungie announced in its latest weekly update that the developer intends to release newly buffed exotic weapons for its next major patch. This update will drop prior to the release of Destiny's first DLC expansion, The Dark Below on December 9, or as Bungie put it, "just in time for fresh targets."

According to the graphic released with the post, players can expect buffs to Super Good Advice, Red Death, Pocket Infinity, Thorn, Suros Regime, Vex Mythoclast and Bad Juju. It's possible other weapons may be buffed as well by the time the patch arrives.

new destiny exotics

This is certainly welcome news for anyone who has stored up an excess amount of marks due to the lack of anything decent to buy, which at this point, is just about everyone who's been playing since launch. Players have long complained that there are far too many exotic weapons that just don't feel like they pack much of a punch.

This author has made the claim before that Destiny sometimes suffers from the same syndrome that afflicted the original Diablo III; when players get an awesome, extremely rare drop, it should be an exciting, game-changing moment. But all too often with Destiny, players have been left feeling underwhelmed (having a sick-looking gun is only satisfying if it's actually worth equipping). Hopefully this next update will do for all exotic weapons what a previous update did for legendary Engrams: make them actually worth the effort.

Destiny is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Dark Below expansion releases December 9. A free trial of the game is now available on current-gen consoles and a demo download is available for last-gen.

Source: Bungie

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