Bungie announces that the Eververse Trading Company will be getting a brand new stock of items once the December Update for Destiny launches next week.

Destiny update 2.1.0 is being prepped for launch early next week, and now players have an idea of what’s coming thanks to the weekly update post. While the main focus of the update is centered on weapon balance and upcoming adjustments to the Titan class, community manager David “DeeJ” Dague also teased a few changes coming to the Eververse Trading Company, the primary way Bungie has been able to add microtransactions into Destiny.

According to the update, Tess Everis is planning on updating her stock at the Eververse Trading Company when the update hits next week. While the details of what exactly is changing isn’t known quite yet, Bungie does warn that now is a good time to purchase any items that players have had their eyes on, as once the update hits, new items will be taking their place.

The December Update will refresh the inventory available from Tess. She’ll put the stuff you see now in some bags you can still acquire with some Silver, but their contents will be less direct and predictable.

While the paragraph regarding the changes is cryptic, it does appear that Bungie will keep some of the old items available through a grab bag of sorts, but spending Silver on these bags will produce random results. Players should expect to see more details about how this will all work once the official patch notes release sometime next week.

The Eververse Trading Company was introduced into Destiny back in October, headed up by Tess Everis, the former special orders vendor who was previously removed from the game without any explanation at the time. As players found out, this was Bungie’s way of adding microtransactions to the game, specifically though various emotes, including one that resembles the Carlton Dance from the older TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Bungie has stood firm that it will not abuse this system and so far that has remained true, as players have been offered mostly cosmetic items such as emotes and fun extras through holiday events like the recent Halloween inspired Festival of the Lost. It’s clear that Bungie has more plans for Tess Everis and this lucrative side of Destiny, however, as a brand new wave of emotes makes its appearance next week.

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Destiny is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Source: Bungie