Bungie’s latest Destiny patch nerfs the recharge time for the Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle, making it nearly impossible for players to solo Oryx in the King’s Fall raid.

Even though Bungie’s most recent Destiny patch introduced a lot of improvements to the game, it seems it’s also created a few issues for players. According to one gamer, the 2.1.0 patch has made it nearly impossible to solo Oryx, the primary antagonist of the King’s Fall raid.

Apparently, the Destiny update nerfed the Sleeper Simulant to the point that most players can no longer use it to take down Oryx on their own. The discovery was shared by Reddit user thegrreatgatsby, who has been offering a lot of advice to other Destiny players on how to take down Oryx solo.

Until the patch, players could use the Sleeper Simulant to stun Oryx with two quick shots to the chest. However, it seems the 2.1.0 patch the time between shots has been increased. Rather than being able to shoot off a second shot right away, players have to wait for the fusion rifle to charge up again, taking away their opportunity to stun Oryx.

The Redditor quick video that shows how difficult it is to solo Oryx after the fix. The added wait time as the fusion rifle recharges seems like an eternity with Oryx bearing down on the player.

At the moment, this is the only known way to take down Oryx. It’s likely Bungie didn’t intend for this to happen, and the developer may decide to reverse this feature on the fusion rifle. Even though Bungie intended for players to work together as a team to take down Oryx, it still benefits the company when players can run it solo, since it keeps them in the game longer.

Fortunately, there does still seem to be a way to use the Sleeper Simulant, but requires a 318-plus level and three shots to Oryx’s chest. So it is still possible, but only in Normal mode. Since Oryx gains more health the longer it takes Guardians to kill him, players simply don’t have time to drop Oryx solo in hard mode using this method.

If the team at Bungie decide not to reverse the Sleeper Simulant nerf, they may introduce a new weapon in a later update that allows players to once again solo Oryx on hard, and more easily beat the Taken King on Normal.

What do you think about Bungie nerfing the Sleeper Simulant? Will you still try to solo Oryx even with the change? Let us know in the comment section below.

Destiny – The Taken King is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit