'Destiny' Mythbusters Video Reveals Handy Tricks

Destiny Mythbusters Video

Since the launch of Destiny in early September, Bungie's latest game has been on almost every gamers' mind. It's become a major focal point for those who want to voice their dislike for the game and those who want to share in their enthusiasm. Needless to say, there's a lot to talk about with this game.

However, rather than highlight the various complaints gamers have with the game - and there are a lot - oday's post focuses on something a little different. This video focuses on the myths of Destiny, and whether or not they are real or imaginary.

Some may know the YouTube videomakers Defend the House, whose Mythbusters videos test some popular video game theories. DTH has been making videos since back in the Halo days, so it seems only fitting that they produce one for Bungie's new game.

In their first video Defend the House examine some of the myths that Destiny fans may have been curious about, but never taken the time to test. Moreover, the video reveals a few handy tricks that may be useful in Destiny's PvE space. Check it out below:


Although Destiny is classified as an FPS, we doubt that many knew the game offered a traditional first person cover system. That's partially because the combat is so frenetic that few would think about using cover to shoot, and also because there aren't that many pieces of waist-high cover in the game. That being said, it's still worth noting that Bungie's game does offer the option.

Another highlight of the video is the way players can use their Sparrow as more than a means of travel. Most have probably seen that the bike can knock, or even kill, enemies that are in its path, but how many knew it could be turned into a missile?

Overall, the Mythbusters video is more than just a clever examination of Destiny's world, but rather it offers some handy tricks that could give players an offensive edge. If that's a taste of what future videos can offer, then we say bring it on.

Are there any Destiny myths you have busted or confirmed? What are some of your favorite tricks in the game?


Source: Defend the House

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