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Since its launch, Destiny has proven to be a marathon, not a sprint. With every new challenge, raid, or strike players have been faced with, their unwavering dedication has led to some truly impressive feats, whether they be evidence of just how precise Guardians can be - or how bluntly devastating. As days have turned into weeks, those same players have shown that the content supplied by Bungie alone isn't quite enough to satisfy. And it's when players start experimenting or gaming the system that true hilarity ensues.

Players first saw this proven when the now-infamous 'Loot Cave' was discovered and spread like wildfire. Before long, Bungie addressed the Engram problem at the heart of the issue, but made sure to leave an easter egg behind to mark the phenomenon. That's the kind of sense of humor that gamers have come to expect from the team behind Halo, which made even more outlandish claims circulating through the community seem possible, where they might normally seem impossible.

Most Destiny players have probably heard the rumors by now: scoring headshots with a well-placed grenade, using enemies to hurl large distances across a map, or even escaping a stuck grenade by teleporting at just the right moment. It's those kinds of tricks or rumors that the Mythbusters at DefendTheHouse live for, and after previously revealing a few clever tricks to be found in Destiny, they're back and putting even more to the test. Check out the video below:

The exploits confirmed in the newest installment won't be as easy for players to abuse as those in the previous video, but show that Destiny's environments, enemies, and mechanics can still produce some surprising - and potentially game-changing - results. Sure, getting a Double Down on the same enemy may not be as rewarding as, say, turning your Sparrow into a deadly missile. But it seems plenty of players are already spending countless hours exploring the game's world, so any break from the ordinary is likely welcome.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that Destiny contains more than just the obvious content within its many environments, as players seem to be breaking their way into currently-locked zones set to be opened with coming DLC. If that's the case, then it's safe to assume that this is just the first handful of what could ultimately be many, many more videos.

The developers at Bungie have shown that these kinds of unforeseen (or entirely planned) hiccups are met with a laugh, not a patch.

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Source: DefendTheHouse

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