Destiny Mythbusters Video Tackles Rise of Iron's New Theories

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New weapons and artifacts added in the Rise of Iron leads Destiny fans to test out some myths, whose answers will be helpful to know for players facing certain situations.

Destiny: Rise of Iron brings a lot of new content to the table for Destiny fans. Some of them, like the new artifacts that possess unique perks that can change a player's playstyle. That brings new questions of how they mix with what fans already know. Using the new Private Matches feature in Destiny, Tripsidwicked on YouTube tested out some theories that those playing Rise of Iron will want to check out.


Switching to Memory of Felwinter does not take away a charged Fireborn Super

One of the more unique artifacts (named after the Iron Lords and attuned at Felwinter Peak) is Memory of Felwinter. Memory of Felwinter takes away a player's super, but grants them two melee charges and two grenades. However, if a Sunsinger Warlock has a charged Super and while dead switches to Memory of Felwinter, that Sunsinger can still activate Fireborn and self-resurrect now with two grenades and two melee charges.

This is almost certain to be a bug that Bungie will patch in the future, but for now it's an interesting workaround that players could use especially in PvP. And with Trials of Osiris returning tomorrow, this method could see some action while player vie for that trip to the Lighthouse.

But Not Forgotten can one-shot headshot active Supers

Popular snipers like 1000-Yard Stare and Longbow Synthesis got a devastating nerf ahead of Rise of Iron, which decreased their damage and made them unable to one-shot headshot kill someone in an active Super (a player with an active Super gains increased armor stat).

However, the But Not Forgotten sniper rifle, which players can get as a random drop in Archon's Forge, does indeed have a high enough Impact stat to kill a player in a Super with one headshot.

Tracking rockets can be drawn back to the person who shot them

Gjallarhorn is back in Year 3, and one of its unique features is that it has tracking rockets that have a very strong attachment to the enemy it is locked onto. But if that enemy happens to run back to the shooter, those rockets will continue tracking and take out the one who shot them as collateral damage.

Memory of Silimar does not negate damage from Smoke grenades

Fans first found out about the return of Thorn because of the existence of the Memory of Silimar, which decreases the amount of damage over time (DOT) damage taken by the person who has it equipped. While that works for things like Thorn and grenades with the ability to burn enemies, it does not apply to the Nightstalker's Smoke grenades. Those grenades (technically the Nightstalker's melee attack) will still apply full damage even to those wearing Memory of Silimar.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Tripsidwicked

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