'Destiny' PvP Multiplayer Adds Inferno Playlist on March 3rd

Destiny Crucible

The release of House of Wolves is still a couple months away, but Bungie isn't waiting until then to give Destiny players new updates and content. The developer recently released the massive 1.1.1 update and announced the upcoming mobile vault update to the Destiny Companion app, both of which should keep Guardians happy on their own until House of Wolves. But it looks like Bungie isn't done yet.

In addition to the major game and app updates, Bungie announced they are bringing a new playlist to the game's PVP arena, the Crucible. The new playlist, dubbed Inferno, will start with a modified version of the control mode that, features no radar on the HUD, simplified scoring, faster objective capture and less heavy ammo. In essence, Inferno Control is basically a hardcore version of Control.

According to Bungie, the new mode will require stronger teamwork and better "corner checking" by Guardians in order to secure a win against enemies. Here's what Leif Johansen, Senior Designer for Destiny, said about the new mode:

"We’re removing the Tracker that warns you of nearby opponents. We’re hoping this change will provoke players to rely even more on certain skills like map knowledge, teamwork, good positioning, successfully flanking opponents, using jumps to set up ambushes, catching audio cues like footsteps, and using friendly nameplate UI as clues toward enemy position."

Destiny Crucible Competitive Multiplayer Gameplay

Even though Bungie's primary focus for Destiny is the PVE missions, strikes and raids, they continue to offer strong support for those players who enjoy or prefer the PVP aspect. Players regularly express their excitement when Iron Banner, another popular PVP mode, makes an appearance in the game – and many of those players have been asking Bungie to include other new PVP modes.

According to Bungie, the new game mode will be available beginning March 3, but it won't last long.  Similar to the Iron Banner, Inferno Control will be a limited time game mode in the Crucible, lasting only a week, so be sure to hop in quickly and get playing once it's live.

Bungie is also assembling another "dream team" for a Bungie Bounty. As they've done before, the development team at Bungie has picked out a few of their most aggressive players to take on Guardians in Inferno Control. Fireteams that have the opportunity to take on the dream team can win themselves a rare emblem – proving their victory in battle. Earning this emblem will be all the more impressive considering the fact that the dream team is already practicing for the event. Even though players should be comfortable with the maps in the mode, it's not the same when there's no radar in the corner pointing out incoming enemies.

To those Guardians who take on Inferno Control - and especially those fireteams that take on the dream team - we say: Good luck!

What do you think about the new Inferno Control mode? Are you planning to give it a shot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: Bungie

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