Destiny Won't Be Getting Any More Vault Space

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Destiny collectors may need to make some tough choices about what gear they want to keep and dismantle, as Bungie has confirmed that the game's Vault space has been capped and will not be increased in Age of Triumph nor any update in the future.

Destiny fans complained that they were running out of Vault space back when the Rise of Iron expansion launched, which did not expand players' Vaults either. Bungie has stayed mum on the topic, but fans had been asking and hoping that increased Vault space may be on the docket coming in Destiny's last live event, Age of Triumph.

But Bungie says that won't be happening, with the kiosks already implemented to free up space left as the last solutions for players who have limited Vault space:

The following Collections added in previous Destiny Updates were the final storage solutions implemented for Destiny 1:

Exotic WeaponsExotic ArmorShipsShadersEmblemsEmotesHoliday ItemsAbandoned Quests

The lack of Vault space could become an even bigger problem for fans who like to collect armor and weapons from different activities, especially with raids and their gear being added back to the loot pool in Age of Triumph.

Destiny: The Taken King Doubles Vault Space - The Taken King vault space

Of course, Vault space is different for a every player, with some keeping theirs relatively bare, keeping only what they use most. On the other hand there are the so-called "hoarders" who want to keep armor and weapons from nearly every activity and live event in the game, such as the recent armor sets from The Dawning. It's likely to be those players who will struggle with the capped Vault space.

This decision is a pretty clear signal that Destiny 1's time is coming to an end. Bungie is clearly moving onto Destiny 2 and is focusing its efforts there. While virtually nothing has been revealed about Destiny's sequel, Bungie told fans that Destiny 2 will be a full reset for items and gear, meaning anything in that Vault (or on players' characters) won't be carrying forward.

Knowing that every weapon and piece of armor is locked to Destiny 1 could help make the decision to dismantle some old favorites easier for some, but as fans launch into the Age of Triumph live event next month and play the newly refreshed raids, Vault space is sure to be a continued complaint for some.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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