Bungie may have cast aside the spit and polish of the Halo series for the rust and grime of Destiny‘s fiction, but that doesn’t mean the sights and sounds of the studio’s next sprawling shooter are going to be any less staggering. Offering players a wide variety of post-apocalyptic, deserted landscapes across the surface of what used to be a populated Earth, it seems the developers didn’t limit themselves to a single planet.

Fans already got a cinematic look at the aliens of Mars, and most recently took a trip to the cold vacuum of Earth’s moon. But the latest gallery of artwork and in-game images prove that the Moon is home to greater dangers than a lack of oxygen.

As impressive as Bungie’s E3 2013 walkthrough of Old Russia was, it was a pleasant surprise to see them shift gear, and offer a trailer focused solely on the dusty vacuum of Earth’s moon. One might wonder exactly what there is on the white sphere that could be of interest to battle-hardened soldiers, but Destiny‘s Moon is certainly not the one that modern gamers know of.

Take a look:

The hulking structures left intact on the Moon’s surface act as a monument to mankind’s ‘Golden Age,’ before extraterrestrial threats reduced Earth’s population to single city. It’s unclear if the creatures inhabiting the area had a hand in that mass extermination, but the alien beings dwelling within ‘the Hellmouth’ – the massive well dug into the Moon’s surface – look to be every bit as deadly as a FPS demands.They’re known as the Hive, one of several enemy species with which players will have to contend in order to survive.

The enemy designs aren’t exactly trying to reinvent the wheel, and neither is Destiny‘s core gameplay. However, Bungie remains intent on “revolutionizing” the shooter genre, seeming to put their emphasis on overall environment design and player customization. There’s no question that the environments of Destiny are as promising as they are varied, but we’d like to see a bit more of the actual mission design before truly losing ourselves in stunning concept art.

What do you think of the look and design of Destiny‘s levels and enemies so far? Are any particularly promising, or are you just looking forward to an MMORPG based on an FPS? Sound off in the comments.


Destiny is without a launch date, but expected to release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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