Destiny: More DLC Locations Found on the Moon

By | 2 years ago 

The post-release debate as to whether or not Destiny is a good game has raged on for over a month now, but there’s one thing that both sides seem to agree on: the game is in dire need of more content.

Built on a strong foundation of compelling minute-to-minute gameplay, it’s difficult to play Destiny and not wish there was a bit more to the overall experience. To their credit, Bungie has been working to respond to player feedback, and the ‘Vault of Glass’ raid is evidence of what the game can be at its best — but still, Destiny at present is falling short of its potential.

Players are desperate for more to do in the game, and botched events like the Iron Banner aren’t cutting the mustard. More Strikes and more Raids are what the game really needs, and we already know that they’re on their way. They’ll come as part of two expansion packs, the first set for release later this year.

The fact that many Guardians are so thirsty for more to do in the world of Destiny makes the fact that some players have found their way into the environments set to be used by the DLC all the more frustrating. The locales that are set to be used by the expansions are lifeless and empty at present, but their very presence on disc has irked some players who feel that they should have been included in the base game.

The Hypogeum Strike on Venus was discovered over the weekend, and now YouTube user HOVG has managed to access some new zones on the Moon; ‘Chamber of Night’, ‘Dusk Warren’ and ‘Traitor’s Ketch’.

Like the other locations that have been discovered, accessing these zones looks to have taken some thorough exploration and requires a fair bit of platforming skill. Watching the video once again suggests what Destiny could have been — imagine if this level of player skill and ingenuity was harnessed. Wouldn’t the whole experience be far more exciting if Bungie had intentionally hidden away areas like this for players to find, rather than having them go to such lengths to discover them and still be blocked off by a paywall?

Destiny isn’t a lost cause just yet, but its expansions are going to have to provide plenty of bang for their buck to keep players invested. Between the fabled loot caves and the lengths players have gone to sneak a peek at this new content, players are having to make their own fun in a game that should do more — Bungie needs to start holding up their end of the bargain to retain the audience that they have built.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Its first expansion, ‘The Dark Below’, is set for release in December of this year.

Source: HOVG