Bungie officially announced Destiny‘s second year of Moments of Triumph, a collection of challenges to complete in-game for unique rewards including emblems and shaders.

Every year, on July 7th, we celebrate Bungie Day, a tradition that started by Bungie’s community years ago, and has grown to be a special day that the developer takes to celebrate those who play its games. Last year, Bungie introduced Moments of Triumph to Destiny, which tasked Destiny fans with completing a number of Year 1 activities, and rewarded them with a special emblem to mark their accomplishments.

This year, Moments of Triumph has returned, offering players a new set of tasks to complete and new rewards to claim. However, we already knew the specific objectives for this year’s Moments, as the set leaked a few weeks ago. There were some questions as to legitimacy of the leak, but it turns out everything was correct.

The Year 2 Moments of Triumph are:

  • Complete an Elders’ Sigil scorecard in the Prison of Elders.
  • Complete The Taken King’s main questline, culminating in “Regicide.”
  • Equip a fully leveled Year Two sublcass on any character.
  • Complete the Crucible questline culminating in “The Mountaintop.”
  • Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments.
  • Complete any of the Exotic sword quests from Shaxx.
  • Complete the April quests “At the Gates” and “Return to the Prison.”
  • Defeat Oryx in the King’s Fall Raid on Hard difficulty.

What fans were unsure of were the rewards given to those who complete every one of the Moments of Triumph. Revealed by Bungie, there are two emblems and two shaders players can collect, depending on how many challenges they have checked off the list.

destiny moments of triumph book

To track their Moments of Triumph and to collect their rewards, players will need to visit the Postmaster to pick up the Moments of Triumph book. That will display the status of their achievements so far.

While the Moments of Triumph is account-based (meaning not all tasks have to be completed per character, and can even be spread out between characters), Bungie says players may need to sign into all three of their characters for Destiny to register completion of the book if not all Moments of Triumph were done on just one character.

In addition to in-game emblems and shaders, Bungie has a special t-shirt available on its online store that can only be purchased once the entire Year Two Moments of Triumph book has been completed. Fans can also choose to have the shirt personalized if they so wish (for $5 extra).

destiny moments of triumph shirt

Right now, the shirt is listed for a cheeky $777,777.77 (Bungie is obsessed with the number 7 if you hadn’t figured that out by now), but once players enter a unique code after completing the Moments of Triumph, it will cost them $24.99.

Fans have until September 20, 2016, the launch day of the Rise of Iron expansion to complete all the Moments of Triumph for Year Two.

Have you completed all of the Destiny Year Two Moments of Triumph? Which ones do you have left? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Bungie