Destiny Daily Mission Holds Secrets, Potential New Quest

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The Destiny community uncovers the secrets inside the Heroic version of a Vault of Glass story mission, with some players hoping there’s more to be found.

Destiny’s very first Raid, the Vault of Glass, has allured players with its atmosphere, hidden paths, and mechanics-heavy encounters since it launched last year. There wasn’t much narrative applied to the intriguing location, but with The Taken King, Bungie sent players back to the Vault in a story mission, which begins to unravel the story of the first fireteam that entered the Vex stronghold.

Last week, after players glitched their way into a hidden area within the story mission Paradox, the community has been eagerly awaiting the day when the mission would appear as the Daily Heroic, thus providing a legitimate way to access the Vault’s secrets. Well, the wait is over. Paradox is today’s Daily Heroic Mission in Destiny.

But don’t just go sprinting for the portal at the end of the mission. There are a series of steps to uncover that will allow passage into the secret area. The Destiny community took to reddit and Twitter shortly after the daily reset today to help each other piece together the puzzle.

Players’ final destination is a portal located in the Vault of Glass’s jumping puzzle room, but first, three Ghosts must be found that will activate the portal. Hunting them down requires some platforming and a keen eye. As players access each of the three Ghosts, new audio from the character Praedyth will play and a new Grimoire card will be unlocked.

Once the Ghosts are collected and the portal is active, players are transported to the area the Destiny community calls “Venus,” “forest,” or “future” from the Atheon fight. But in this mission, it’s filled with Taken. After the Taken boss is defeated, a door opens at the back of the room leading to a chest that holds a quest item called the Cult Ghost, which unlocks a fourth Grimoire card and sends players to the Future War Cult representative in the Tower. Once turned in, players earn a few Motes of Light and reputation. Full guides and videos can be found on the here.

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Most of the community was excited to uncover the legitimate method to this hidden area, but once finished, the final rewards left some feeling dissatisfied. After the side mission that unlocked Black Spindle, many players were hopeful that this hidden area would lead to a quest for the elusive exotic, No Time to Explain. But for right now, there doesn’t seem to be anything else to do after checking in with Future War Cult.

Is this a step in another quest line that players need to unlock? No one knows, but some in the Destiny community are still hopeful and exploring to see if anything else can be found.

By the end of this mission, players unlock four new Grimoire cards and earn Motes and reputation, which may end up being the extent of the rewards. After all, Bungie showed us yesterday with the true nature of the secret room in King’s Fall that not every mystery in Destiny will yield exotic rewards. But that probably isn’t going to stop dedicated players from trying.

Do you think there is more to this quest still waiting to be found?

Source: Destiny subreddit