'Destiny' Crota's End Raid Recreated in 'Minecraft'

Destiny Raid Recreated in Minecraft


Every once in a while, we learn of gamers who have produced epic creations in Minecraft. Gamers have recreated Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, built the entire city of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones and developed a working 3D printer, all with the simple blocks and materials found in the game. And those are just a few of the thousands of impressive creations players have developed in Minecraft.

Occasionally, players look to incorporate some of their favorite video game locations and moments within the open-world sandbox phenomenon. Developer Mojang even picked up on this trend and started offering a few video game themes to players within the game, including Halo and Mass Effect.

With the popularity of Destiny, it was really only a matter of time before someone started building locations from the incredibly popular open-world shooter in Minecraft. And it looks like a player who goes by the name Sneedse decided to get the party started by tackling Crota’s End, a raid map from Bungie’s blockbuster game.

Destiny Raid Recreated in Minecraft

As shown in the video above (warning: strong language), Sneedse built everything from the first bridge that extends over the Hellmouth on the surface of the Moon all the way to the epic conclusion where players take on Crota. The detail is of course really basic due to Minecraft’s simple design, but it’s still quite remarkable.

It turns out that Crota’s End looks pretty impressive in 32 bit blocks, though we’ll admit taking a tour through the Minecraft map doesn't quite bring the same level of anxiety and excitement that we get while traveling through the real thing within Destiny. However, even though this fan-created map is lacking Hive enemies, those who do venture through the Minecraft edition of Crota’s End will still find the occasional enemy, thanks to Minecraft’s mod-spawning feature.

Now that Sneedse has set the bar with this Crota’s End raid creation, we imagine it won’t be long before more Minecraft players start building other locations from Destiny. We’re excited to see players take on recreations of the Tower, the Vault of Glass or one of the game’s strike missions. And it wouldn’t surprise us if someone decides to tackle building an entire planet from Destiny.

What do you think about Sneedse’s recreation of Crota’s End in Minecraft? What location would you like to see Minecraft players build next? Sound off your pick in the comments below.

Source: YouTube

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