Destiny Guide: What Swords Can Reflect with New Artifact

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Don't miss a full breakdown of everything swords can reflect with the newly added artifact Memory of Radegast, including supers, grenades, weapons, and more.

Destiny: Rise of Iron revamped artifacts, specifically eight new artifacts named after the Iron Lords. These new artifacts allow for some rather incredible abilities such as converting enemies to turn against their own kind. One new Destiny artifact, which is available this week from the new Cryptarch, Tyra Karn, at Felwinter Peak, is Memory of Radegast. Memory of Radegast empowers players' swords with the ability to reflect energy based attacks.

Just like Genji in Overwatch, players not only deflect attacks but can also reflect them back at enemies with deadly results. Reflecting the energy attack is simple enough—it will go wherever a player aims, whether that be back at the enemy who did it or another player.

But what does energy based attacks actually mean? And which ones reflect? Destiny YouTuber and and streamer Datto made a video showing all the things that swords can now reflect with Memory of Radegast equipped.



First off, Memory of Radegast reflects supers. This works well for every super including Nova Bomb, but doesn't work as well when Shatter is selected because while a sword can reflect one of the smaller Nova Bombs, one of the others is likely to hit near the user resulting in a death. The sword will also not block the Razer's Edge ability from the Bladedancer's Arc Blade super.

Rocket Launchers

Rockets can be reflected, even exotics Truth and Gjallarhorn. Its Wolfpack rounds also get turned against the one firing it and any allies. In the video, it is a simple reflect because the rocket is being fired directly at the one wielding the sword; however in actual gameplay if the rocket hit near the player or behind the player, the explosion would in fact kill the one trying to reflect.

Interestingly, Grenade and Horseshoes can also be reflected, meaning that if a player catches a rocket with Grenade and Horseshoes (detonates within proximity of a player) it will reflect even if the sword does not contact the rocket itself.

Fusion Rifles

Fusion rifles can also be reflected. This includes Sleeper Simulant, Telesto, and other generic fusion rifles (however fusion rifles with the same elemental damage as the sword being used will cause considerable damage). Vex Mythoclast is the only fusion rifle that Memory of Radegast can't reflect.

Destiny Sword


Most grenades reflect, except for the Voidwalker's Axion Bolt, which will circle the player until the sword is put down and then hit. This also includes the Nightstalker's Smoke Bomb melee attack. Some of these grenades, like Arcbolt reflect but do not cause much damage to the enemy who threw it. It's unclear whether this is intentional or a bug.

Other Exotics

The exotic sword Boltcaster can fire an arc disc across a distance, and it can in fact be reflected by a sword with Memory of Radegast equipped.

Exotic primaries including Hard Light, Necrochasm, and Outbreak Prime are not reflected, however the nanites that spawn from Outbreak Prime do reflect. Exotic Special weapons like Trespasser, Dreg's Promise, and Queenbreaker's Bow also do not reflect.

How to get Memory of Radegast

Players can buy Memory of Radegast from Tyra Karn on Felwinter Peak after completing her weekly quest "Artifacts of the Iron Lords," which players can receive upon the weekly reset. To complete it, go into the Plaguelands Patrol and complete missions, kill enemies, and open chests.

Once the quest is completed, Tyra will award a token to turn in for one of the artifacts on sale for that week.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Datto

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