GR Pick: Destiny Meets Mad Men in Nostalgic Mashup

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It may seem hard to believe, but we are already approaching the one year anniversary of Destiny’s launch. The sci-fi shooter was released on September 9, 2014 and, despite a lack of end-game content at launch, has fostered an incredibly dedicated community of players and fans. As gamers might expect, both the creators and the fans are planning to celebrate the big one year anniversary of Destiny during the upcoming months.

Destiny’s community is known for its creativity and the fans have built everything from working Destiny-inspired airsoft guns to hyper-realistic cosplay. Bungie supports fan creations and even has a Community Creations section on its website where fans can submit their work and the rest of the community can vote it up. A recent submission attempts to get fans misty-eyed with a nostalgic look back on the early days of Destiny. Don Draper’s incredible voiceover really helps sell the tone…

Youtuber Micah Bell created the mashup video (which you can vote up here) which celebrates Destiny’s early days with the help of Don Draper’s nostalgia speech from Mad Men season one. The speech was originally written to help sell the first photo carousel, but, as the video demonstrates, it can easily apply to anything that pulls at the listener’s heartstrings.

Destiny Mad Men

The video throws in clips from Destiny’s very first missions all the way up through level 32 content. The look back at the game’s first cinematics and major boss fights are enough to remind even casual players how exciting the game was last fall. Although many gamers have retired from Destiny in the last year, there’s no denying that it’s early days were an incredibly exciting time for fans of shooters, sci-fi, and console gaming.

The Destiny family is still dedicated to keeping the shooter alive and the game’s next major expansion, The Taken King, aims to please to the end-game players, as well as draw in new fans. The new content does end up being a bit a financial burden for players who don’t already own the core game, but that is the nature of MMO-type games. Hopefully, we will eventually see the core game down to around the ten dollar mark like World of Warcraft does with its old expansions.

What did you think of the Destiny/Mad Men mashup? Are you nostalgic for the game’s early days? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Community Page