Follow this guide to locate a hidden Dead Ghost that will unlock a legendary Sparrow as part of Destiny‘s The Dawning event and Sparrow Racing League.

Destiny‘s December live event, The Dawning, is in full swing with the return of Sparrow Racing League and new Strikes with Strike Scoring. Destiny fans searching the Tower found a hidden gift box. Inside is a legendary Sparrow called Lysander’s Cry. Here’s how to get it.

How to Find and Use the Gift Box

First off, the gift box is located in the Hangar of the Tower. Walk back towards the Future War Cult vendor, but instead of going up the stairs, look underneath the stairs on the left side on top of a box. A blue The Dawning gift box will be there. The text will read “For One Who Stood at Bannerfall.” It is not necessary to visit the gift box beforehand, but this is the location and the hint that should lead players to the PvP map Bannerfall.

Load up a Private Match on Bannerfall. Go to the side of the map where the building with the catwalks is on the right hand side. This is also the side of the map that has banners of a fist. It’s actually the exact same side of the map where the other Dead Ghost  on this map was previously found. However, there is an additional Dead Ghost, which will unlock the gift box back in the Tower.

The new Dead Ghost is on the lower level inside the building. It’s near the halfway point under a shelf. Below is a gif via user gamkrang on the Destiny subreddit showing where to find it.

Lysander’s Cry Ghost Location

Using the Legendary Lysander’s Cry Sparrow

After collecting the Dead Ghost, return to the Tower and go to the gift box mentioned earlier. The text will now read “Lysander’s Gift.” Open it and receive the Legendary Lysander’s Cry Sparrow.

The Sparrow is not anything special in stats, as it’s the same as most Sparrows. However, it is a trick Sparrow, so it can perform flips and spins. It sports a green color, so it’s mostly a vanity item. But those collectors out there will surely want to pick it up before The Dawning event ends.


Sparrow Racing League is back in action during The Dawning live event, that runs until January 3rd. There are a total of four tracks, with two brand new ones being added to the two that fans played last year.

In addition, three Strikes from Destiny‘s first year received the remastered treatment. Plus, Strike-related bounties have been added to Commader Zavala’s inventory, which includes a possibility of getting the Year 3 version of Ice Breaker.

Destiny: Rise of Iron, which is required to play The Dawning content, is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Photo credit: DPJ