Destiny Bug is Causing Strikes to Drop Low Level Loot


A couple of Destiny's strikes are incorrectly dropping loot that are at lower Light levels than intended, and developer Bungie is looking into a solution.

Destiny: Rise of Iron continues the "Smart Loot" system established in The Taken King and built upon in the April Update earlier this year. That is, weapons and armor should always be dropping at slightly higher Light levels than a player's current level. That system is working as intended, but there are a few outlier strikes that are bugged.

Destiny developer, Bungie, acknowledged the issue in its weekly blog, specifically calling out the newly remastered strike, The Abomination Heist. The Abomination Heist is a reworked version of Year 1's Summoning Pits strike, similar to how Rise of Iron's other remastered strike is a remixed version of The Devil's Lair.

Players reported this week that The Abomination Heist was dropping loot rewards that were not up at the new updated levels. Bungie confirmed it today saying, "The Abomination Heist Strike is currently dropping rewards below intended Light. We are investigating." Fans have also noted the same issue on the Winter's Run strike as well.

April Update Winters Run

This issue may not have been as notable in the past, but Heroic Strikes are now the best way to level up quickly, at least right now in Rise of Iron's lifespan. With the release of Rise of Iron, strike rewards - including Rare/blue engrams - can drop up to 365 Light. With players grinding to prepare for the Wrath of the Machine raid (which has a recommended Light level of 360), fans are grinding strikes to reach 360 and beyond in order to get raid ready.

The bug is causing some issues within the Heroic strike playlist as many players are dropping out completely when one of these two strikes shows up. Not only does this leave some matchmaking players without a full fireteam to play through a strike with, but players aren't able to take full advantage of the new Hoard Chest strike loot system implemented in Rise of Iron. With the rewards being less than desired, fans would rather bail than stick through it, even if it ruins their bonus XP Vanguard streak.

Bungie has not given an estimate on when this issue might be fixed, but until then don't be surprised to continue to see players avoiding those strikes within the Heroic playlist. In a game that's all about climbing the ladder to the level cap, having certain strikes within the activity that has become the go-to leveling system not pay out has become a real issue for fans.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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