How to Get Destiny's New Secret Broom Sparrow

Some very thorough Destiny players discover an amazingly spooky secret in the game's Festival of the Lost Halloween event: a hidden Sparrow racing broom.

Festival of the Lost, the yearly Destiny Halloween event, already sports some incredible limited-time items that are hard to resist. There are around 38 new items, which include masks, shaders, emotes, ghost shells, and the new S-35 "Jealousy" Sparrow that glows an eerie bright green. Unbeknownst to most players, however, there is another, secret Sparrow shaped like a flying broom.

To obtain this broomstick beauty, players will be pleased to hear they don't need to go through the usual song and dance of an extensive, drawn-out questline. Instead, they only need to head to the Tower and make their way to the lounge - many will know this as the area with the jukebox that Xur hangs out in, occasionally. When in the lounge, look for some boxes on the right side of the room. Hop on up to the top and there will be a broom. Clicking the broom will reward players with a legendary Sparrow called "Lost Broom." That's it. All that's left to do is equip it and live out those Destiny-meets-Harry Potter fantasies. Would-be witch racers will have to be quick, though, as it expires at the end of the event.

While this is certainly one of the highlights of the event, there is plenty more to discover in the Festival of the Lost. Players can guarantee a legendary mask by purchasing Treasures of the Lost from Eververse, and various goodies can be obtained from mystery bags. Two new emotes, Terrify and Howl, will join last year's scary selection as the go-to emotes for the season. There are also some lovely new ornaments for Bad Juju available.

As a bonus, any Guardian who stockpiled the Box of Raisins, given by debby downer Eris Morn from last year, in the hopes it might one day become useful can rejoice, as they can be transformed into the new Ascendant Raisins at a cost of 25 motes of light. These new raisins are a part of a quest chain that will eventually snag Guardians a new "Superblack" shader and... a piece of celery. Now players will have another seemingly useless item to obsess over until next year. That is, if Festival of the Lost makes the transition to Destiny 2.

Destiny loves its secrets, and Bungie seems to enjoy watching players explore every last inch of the game to discover them. Thankfully, there are Guardians who live for finding these hidden gems, or else the "Lost Broom" Sparrow could have gone unnoticed. Who knows what other mysteries are lurking within the Halloween event? Guardians will have until November 8 to find out.

Source: Eurogamer

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