Student Plagiarizes Destiny Lore Site for English Homework

student plagiarizes destiny lore for english homework

Lore is important in most RPGs, and the action-RPG series Destiny is no exception. However, the first game was criticized for hiding much of its lore behind Grimoire Cards and such, prompting members of the community to collect all of Destiny's relevant lore in one convenient location called the Ishtar Collective. The Ishtar Collective is a great way to learn more about Destiny's lore, though it appears an English student has copied it for their English homework.

The Ishtar Collective shared an email it received from an English teacher named Jennifer. Apparently, Jennifer has a student in her class named Lucas who turned in the Ishtar Collective's "entire website" as journal entries. Jennifer contacted the Ishtar Collective to make sure that the site wasn't actually written by her student Lucas.

We don't know exactly how the Ishtar Collective responded to the email, but the Twitter account is having fun with the situation. On Twitter, the Ishtar Collective has renamed itself to "Lucas" as a tongue-in-cheek way to protect the student from getting in trouble for plagiarizing Destiny lore for their homework.

With Destiny still a very viable franchise, it looks like the Ishtar Collective will still have plenty of work to do moving forward. Not only does Bungie have more seasons of content planned for Destiny 2, similar to the ongoing Season of the Drifter, but the studio is also apparently moving full-steam ahead on the development of Destiny 3.

A well-known Destiny leaker by the name of AnonTheNine posted an info dump on Destiny 3 on Reddit. AnonTheNine revealed some details about Destiny 3's lore, like the new enemy race called the Veil, which the Ishtar Collective will no doubt want to cover if the leak turns out to be legitimate. Of course, like with any leak, it's possible that the information shared by AnonTheNine is inaccurate, but fans should found out for sure within the next couple of years or so.

AnonTheNine claims that Destiny 3 is planned to be a launch title for the PS5 and next Xbox, and if that's true, then news on the game should come sooner rather than later.

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