Another 'Destiny' Loot Cave Discovered

Destiny New Loot Cave Discovered

In the first few weeks of Destiny, back when the game's Random Number Generator (RNG) and engram-decoding Cryptarch were far crueler than they are today, millions of players flocked to the Skywatch area on Earth for the highly touted loot cave. While not very exciting, or even indicative of what Destiny had to offer as a shooter, the loot cave became an addiction if only because of the new items it could offer players.

However, it wasn’t long before the loot cave was killed by a Bungie patch, and thankfully rendered moot by a boost in the Cryptarch’s generosity. Even so, players have always been on the look out for the next loot cave, and it looks like we may have found a new one.

As readers can see in the video below, the newest Destiny loot cave can be found in the Ishtar Cliffs area on Venus. From start, players will need to head right through two areas before reaching the Ishtar Cliffs, and once there they will need to take aim in a very specific spot.


Essentially, players will be taking out a small string of enemies, jumping so the game registers no players on the map, and then shooting the new enemies that spawn. Lather, rinse, and repeat. It's apparently a great way to farm engrams and to farm glimmer.

Having not tested this particular loot cave ourselves, it’s hard to say how viable it might be. The video shows evidence of plenty of blue and green engram drops, but most players want purples. They want the legendary weapons and armor pieces that will put them on the path to level 32 and will make them more viable in higher level encounters like Crota’s End.

The video creator also acknowledges that there are better ways to get blue engrams, and have a shot at purple engrams, but he presents this as a solution for lower level non-DLC owners. Those who do fit the previously mentioned category should hit up a few ROC strikes, as those can be extremely lucrative. Just look at this breakdown of ROC Strike loot.

In fact, the main goal of Bungie’s work since Destiny’s launch has focused on making it so loot caves don’t feel necessary. They’ve improved drop rates on certain encounters, added more ways to access/buy loot, and they (allegedly) made raid loot easier to obtain. So, while Destiny players may tell others that they’ve found a new loot cave, it may be time to put the idea to rest.

What do you think of this newest loot cave? Have you found better ways to obtain quality loot?


Source: Pure Human Kill

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