'Destiny': How to Easily Farm Loot as a Warlock

Destiny Loot Cave Super Charged


Destiny's legacy won't be its record-breaking sales, its silky-smooth gameplay, or its ambitious - if ultimately underwhelming - MMORPG-styled mechanics. Instead, it's going to be that darn loot cave. Originally, the location allowed players to power up their characters through repetition instead of effort, and came to symbolize everything good and bad about Destiny: a flawed levelling system, addictive gameplay, and a dedicated and passionate fan base.

While Bungie patched out the original loot cave, the exploit proved to be somewhat like the mythical hydra: chop off one head, and two more take its place. Less than twenty four hours after the original loot cave closed, players found another one. Since then, the gaming community has been filled with stories of new loot caves and loot stairs; basically, any place where players can easily farm engrams (items) or glimmer (money) spreads through the Internet like wildfire.

Now, one enterprising player has discovered a new way to take advantage of the location popularly known "Loot Cave 2.0," which is found on Venus' Shattered Coast. Normally, Destiny players who travel to the location to gain experience, glimmer, and engrams use the Ice Breaker sniper rifle to pick off enemies from afar; it's a foolproof process, but it's also a lot easier with a friend. However, a gamer who goes by the name MeowzaForce thinks he's found a better way. Not only does MeowzaForce's new technique yield up to 25,000 glimmer per hour, but it's easily accomplished solo.

Destiny Loot Cave Super Charged

MeowzaForce's short video outlines the process in detail, although at its core it's pretty simple. Interested players will need a Voidwalker build: essentially, MeowzaForce uses the Bad JuJu pulse rifle and the Obsidian Mind helmet (released in the Dark Below expansion pack) to create an endless supply of Nova Bombs, the Voidwalker's explosive super ability, which quickly clear out the room. A quick jump restarts the enemy spawning process; then, just repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

This may not be better a better method than the tired-and-true Ice Breaker strategy - the video's comments section is currently home to a healthy debate on the topic - but there's no doubt that it's effective. Most importantly, however, the video shows just how dedicated the Destiny community is to finding new and innovative ways to game the system.

The loot cave has already been memorialized in Dying Light, Borderlands, and the stand-alone Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator. Bungie's probably not happy about it, but the loot cave has become an integral part of the Destiny experience; if only we could say the same thing about the game's story

Source: MeowzaForce Gaming

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