Destiny Guide: How to Raise Your Light Level Fast & Easy

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Although most Destiny players were looking forward to all of the new content in the Rise of Iron expansion, those same people likely have their focus on one thing: the new Wrath of the Machine raid. Raids are the pinnacles of the Destiny experience, and getting to go into one blind, and complete it, is easily a highlight for every player.

For Destiny: Rise of Iron, getting raid ready has been made a lot easier thanks to the new ‘Smart Loot’ system introduced with the April Update, but even then some might be struggling. Thankfully, a fast and efficient level boosting method has been found that should take every player up above the recommended 360 light level for Wrath of the Machine.

Farming Omigul

It all starts with Omnigul, the final boss of the Will of Crota strike in Destiny. Some may be familiar with Omnigul, and some may even be familiar with how to farm her, but those who are not should pay attention.

In the Will of Crota strike, players can actually kill Omnigul before she ever makes it into her final boss room. She actually appears briefly at the bottom of the ramp that leads up to her room, and a fireteam can kill her there if they are quick enough.

Omnigul Destiny

What’s great about this is that it actually drops loot as if the team killed Omnigul but it doesn’t count as an actual strike completion. Meaning the fireteam can wipe at the ramp, reload the section, and Omnigul will be back again.

Now, Omnigul isn’t a pushover in this state so players will need to be quick about things. The most efficient and preferred method for killing her is using a tether and three Raze Lighter solar swords. But since some may not have the sword, any combination that keeps her in place and does max damage is key.

It also helps that this week’s Heroic strike playlist has the arc burn modifier turned on, so the team can use Striker slams, Stormcaller supers, or even the Bolt Caster arc sword to try and take her out. Every team composition is going to be different, so try to find the one that works.

Fastest Route to Light Level 360

Once the team has an efficient Omnigul killing method down, it’s only a matter of lather, rinse, and repeat – or in this case: spawn, kill Omnigul, and die. Every time Omnigul dies she will drop at least two blue items that will ideally be of a higher light level than the player’s current items.


It can take a while to raise the player’s light, but those who are dedicated enough will stick with it until they reach light level 360 or higher. Keep in mind, though, that Omnigul cannot drop any items higher than 360. Only legendary items can go higher than that.

Obviously, grinding Omnigul is not the most fun activity, but for some players that won’t matter. Getting to the highest light possible is on many players’ minds, and the fastest way to do so is this farming method. Good luck guardians and we’ll see you in the Wrath of the Machine raid!

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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