One dedicated Destiny fan uses LEGO building blocks to recreate the in-game level of The Divide, complete with Guardians, Fallen enemies, and a Fallen Walker.

It’s no secret that the Destiny community contains some of the most talented and creative fans out there, especially when considering the skill and craftsmanship involved in the making of recreations like the one using Halo 5‘s Forge Mode that adds the Strike boss The Divisive Mind into 343 Industries’ shooter. Of course, while porting the Vex Hydra from The Undying Mind Strike into a different game altogether is definitely impressive, some might consider fans’ dedication to putting together physical wares related to Destiny to be more interesting.

Should that be the case for most would-be Guardians out there, then they will likely fall head over heels for Redditor ShadowNight36‘s LEGO build of Destiny‘s Old Russia location known as The Divide. The set piece is quite detailed, as it includes Guardian figures, Fallen enemies, and even a Fallen Walker.

As seen in the set of images from ShadowNight36 below, the Redditor gives other Destiny fans a closer look at the environments and models that took approximately a year to create in full. Although it wasn’t mentioned as a factor that potentially prolonged the project, ShadowNight36 makes note of the fact that the Fallen Walker is actually motorized to walk in circles around the perimeter of the LEGO version of the level, which likely required more time for the set piece to be finished.






Although it seems as if most Destiny fans won’t be able to get their hands on an official LEGO play set any time soon, Bungie has teamed up with a toy company that could allow for some rather imaginative set pieces to be put together. As it happens, the game’s developer partnered with Mega Bloks to produce new physical construction sets based on the title that include Sparrow vehicles, Guardian Armory packs, a Fallen Walker kit, and more.

Beyond block-building play sets for Destiny, lots of other fans have put aside time to craft objects from the game’s world that could function as working props and memorabilia. For instance, one fan pieced together a Thorn pistol replica that actually fires airsoft pellets. Just recently, in fact, one would-be Guardian got a Christmas gift from his wife that allowed him to wield the power of Destiny‘s most coveted exotic rocket launcher with a Gjallarhorn replica toy that came complete with sound effects.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s obvious that Destiny fans hold a special place in their hearts for Bungie’s science fiction shooter, as it has not only inspired myriad official collectibles and memorabilia like the forthcoming Funko Pop figures, but also seemingly countless fan-made products. With this being the case, fans should expect to see even more Bungie-approved wares related to Destiny come out in the future to meet the high demand for more tokens and souvenirs referencing the game to release.

Destiny is out now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.