Destiny: Bungie Teases 'Legendary' Item for Players This Week

Destiny Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Before heading off on their own holiday vacation, Destiny developer Bungie left fans with a little pre-Christmas tease. In addition to confirming that a major update – one that includes at least a few oft-requested features – was on the way, the developer also revealed that they had a special “stocking stuffer” prepared.

At the time, we had no idea what the stocking stuffer might be. Some assumed that Bungie had prepared another set of holiday-themed items for players, much like they did for Halloween. Could they give Destiny players a Santa hat accessory or turn their Sparrow into a sleigh?

While the possibility of either of those holiday-themed items is still in play, Bungie has today provided an additional clue towards the item or items. In a post on Twitter, the developer says that they are preparing a "small, but Legendary token of gratitude for delivery later this week."


Obviously, the “small” qualifier is sure to disappoint gamers hoping Bungie had a Santa-sized bounty prepared for them. With that additional information in mind it seems more likely that the stocking stuffer will be just that: a cool little trinket.

However, the use of legendary could be cause of excitement, if only because it means the item will be somewhat unique. All of Destiny's legendary gear has some sort of flair to it, and typically is pretty useful.

It's for that reason that we think the stocking stuffer might be a legendary skin for the player's Ghost or a legendary ship. A weapon or armor piece also seems likely, but most players have plenty of legendary weapons and armor in their vault already.

But those who didn't pick up the Limited or Ghost Editions of Destiny only have the basic, all-white Ghost skin to work with. It wouldn't be mind-blowing, but it would be cool to see Bungie add a new skin, maybe one with a Christmas theme of some sort. If not that, then maybe a cool ship.

Whatever it is, the good news is players won't have to wait long to find out. On top of that, they have a very important Bungie Weekly Update to look forward to, where the developer will hopefully detail what the future holds for their game. We expect they will have something to say about players soloing the Crota's End raid (good or bad), but hopefully they will also reveal when hard mode launches.

What do you hope Bungie's gift to Destiny players would be? Are you disappointed that they call it “small?”


Source: Bungie (Twitter)

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