NBA star LeBron James plays Destiny; in fact, Bungie’s shared world shooter was his video game of choice to play while traveling for the NBA playoffs.

There are many celebrities who play video games. From Conan O’Brien’s popular Clueless Gamer series that has featured a number of these celebrity gamers to self-proclaimed fans like Aisha Tyler, it’s obvious that a lot of stars also enjoy this favorite pastime.

Hot on the heels of LeBron James’s NBA Championship win with the Cleveland Cavaliers and being named MVP, Sports Illustrated talked to some people closest to him about the playoffs. One of James’s friends gave some details about how James prepared himself for this weekend’s game, which included some time spent with Destiny:

He watched soccer in the hotel. He danced on the bus. He sang as he stretched. “I don’t know what he’s going to do,” said Randy Mims, one of his closest friends, who travels with him. “But it’s going to be something we will never forget.” One night in San Francisco, he ate at a British restaurant called The Cavalier. Another, he dined at a steakhouse called Epic. His video game of choice on the trip was Destiny. “He’s Babe Ruth,” says Cleveland general manager David Griffin. He was calling his shot. “That motherf—– is on a mission,” a Cavs coach cracked during the team’s Sunday walk-through.

We just wonder if his favorite game mode is Rift—if his penchant for dunking on the court translates to the virtual battlefield he would be a force to be reckoned with. While it’s unknown exactly which Destiny activities are his favorite, James definitely was not playing any Trials of Osiris while traveling this weekend, since Destiny‘s weekly endgame PvP mode was cancelled due to connectivity issues (which continue to plague Destiny and caused the cancellation of this month’s Iron Banner activity).


Bungie also tweeted out a response to LeBron James, linking the Sports Illustrated article:

Other than the recent hiccups in connectivity and some other bugs that have cropped up since Update 2.3.0, Destiny seems to have gained a resurgence of fans coming back to the game after the announcement of its fall expansion, Rise of Iron. Bungie didn’t give many more details about Rise of Iron at E3, except for confirming it will not have a Collector’s Edition and releasing a few tidbits of information about the new raid.

Speaking of raiding, for all you Guardians out there, be on the lookout, as you may never know when you could LFG into King’s Fall with none other than LeBron James.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be available September 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Sports Illustrated