Destiny’s Last Live Event Launches Late March

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As promised, Destiny’s developer Bungie today announced the road ahead for its sci-fi looter shooter, saying that Destiny will get one last live event called Age of Triumph, which will launch at the end of March. This is the live event that Bungie has referred to in the past as the “content update” that would come to the game this year. Bungie says Age of Triumph will close out Destiny before all focus shifts to Destiny 2, “intending for it to be a fun and memorable celebration that will bring the first major chapter of our Destiny adventures to a fitting close.”

While Age of Triumph was announced today, it did not receive a full reveal. That will be reserved for a number of Twitch streams that Bungie will host for that purpose. The first stream and official reveal is set for Wednesday, March 8. The accompanying image for the stream, which Bungie put on its blog, which features the entrance to the Vault of Glass, seems to be hinting at the long-held fan theory that old raids will return to the game.

destiny age of triumph vault of glass

The next stream takes place the following week on March 15 and is titled “Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals.” The accompanying pictures feature nodes from the Director screen in-game, and feature the usual Crucible, Heroic Story Mission, Heroic Strike, and Nightfall Strike.

However, the image below also shows the logo for the Prison of the Elders and Raids. This led to some speculation that these will be thrown into Destiny’s weekly rotation, while also being made more relevant, whether that be in Light level and/or rewards.

destiny age of triumph activities

The last stream will be March 22 and will discuss upcoming sandbox changes. As previewed last week, Bungie will be making more adjustments to weapon balance after the February sandbox update. Among the changes, sidearms ammo capacity will be getting fixed, the way the Memory of Skorri artifact functions will be altered, and a selection of the health regen perks that were broken will return to their previous states.

The Age of Triumph name and art appear to be a nod to the Moments of Triumph, which appeared near the end of the first and second years of Destiny. During those times, a record book appeared in the game, and completing it resulted in special rewards. If Age of Triumph does something similar, by offering rewards to players, it’s possible that it could play into the plan for Destiny 2, which Bungie said today will be a full reset. However, veteran players will be rewarded in the sequel.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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