Destiny: How to Use Knuckles of Eao

Destiny’s Age of Triumph event has introduced so many new changes to the game that some players might find it hard to keep up. One question that seems to come up more often than most is what are the Knuckles of Eao and what are they used for.

Knuckles of Eao is a new consumable that players can earn once per account by completing any section of the featured raid for that week. After use, the Knuckles of Eao will unlock an additional drop for any boss in the featured raid. This week the featured raid is Crota’s End, and players can earn a Knuckles of Eao consumable simply by completing the Abyss section of the raid.

Once players have a Knuckles of Eao in-hand, they can use it before any major boss encounter in any featured raid. So, if players want to hold onto the Knuckles until next week, when Vault of Glass is the featured raid, they can do that. Want an additional shot at Vision of Confluence? Then use the Knuckles of Eao before the Atheon boss fight.

It’s important to mention, though, that the Knuckles of Eao only unlock an additional boss drop, not a challenge mode drop, for the player. Those hoping to get two elemental primary weapons will need to either run the challenge on a second character, or wait until the raid cycles back around in four weeks. Still, if you like the Crota raid armor or the King’s Fall armor and want to get two pieces from the set, then use a Knuckles of Eao.

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In essence, Knuckles of Eao function a lot like the Siva Cache Keys in the Wrath of the Machine raid. However, players need to decide before downing the boss whether they want to gain an extra drop or not.

It makes sense since some of the older raids didn’t use chests for their loot, but dropped the items right into a player’s inventory upon completion. The only problem players might run into are situations where they wanted to use the Knuckles of Eao but forgot to; it's typical problem with Three of Coins as well.

Speaking of Three of Coins, Bungie has also made it so every major raid boss in Vault of Glass and Crota’s End – that is, the Templar, Atheon, Ir-Yut, and Crota – will work with the consumable as well. Granted, there’s a strong chance that most players have all of the exotic weapons in Destiny by now, not counting the new adept elemental primary weapons, but it’s nice to see Bungie thought of everything.

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