One Destiny player has discovered a way to cross the jumping puzzle in the King’s Fall raid by only using the starting ship before traversing the entire expanse.

Destiny: The Taken King‘s raid, King’s Fall, has been called the biggest raid Bungie has ever created. It took about seven hours for the first team to overcome its challenges when it came out but since then, players have beaten Destiny‘s newest raid much faster and with smaller groups, including one player besting Oryx solo.

As with many of the activities in Destiny, players find new ways to overcome the game’s challenges, or create challenges of their own. One, Chadlantis on reddit, found a way to cross the jumping puzzle in King’s Fall solo only riding the starting ship.

The method involves using the Sunbreaker Titan, a sword, and the Twilight Garrison exotic chest armor. All these help keep a character moving through the air across the entire expanse of the jumping puzzle. Here’s a video of the long jump across:

Chadlantis sets up his Titan with max Agility, the tIncreased Height jump ability, and the Suncharge ability, which lets the player “Press R1 during Hammer of Sol to hurl yourself forward.” That ability in particular comes into play at the end of his jump.

The player starts his long traversal using the sword’s slash ability to move through the air without plummeting downward. That move, coupled with the Titan exotic chest armor Twilight Garrison gets him most of the way across. Twilight Garrison is a new exotic released in the December Update that possesses the Tactical Air Support perk, which allows a player to perform a mid-air evade maneuver in any direction. At the end of the jump, as Chadlantis nears the other side, he activates Hammer of Sol and uses the Suncharge ability to charge the rest of the way to safety.

Twilight Garrison

No doubt the feat is impressive, but currently it can only be performed by Sunbreaker Titans with the proper equipment. Speaking of, the Increased Height, maxed agility, and Twilight Garrison appear to be key components to pulling off the jump, pbut layers should be able to use any sword (legendary or exotic) to make it across.

At this point, no one else has successfully made the same jump with another class, but we can guarantee some are trying. Like solo-ing Crota, getting across the jumping puzzle in unique ways has opened the raid to new challenge runners. Perhaps there’s a way for the Bladedancer subclass to do it, as it seems to be the preferred class for such long jumps as this.

Have you tried to make this jump across in Destiny‘s King’s Fall raid?

Source: Destiny reddit